Although I was sad to see Dan leave the Biggest Loser, I am so proud of him for working out so hard at home!   His teammate on the other hand I believe is struggling a bit more – it will be interesting to see how Dan’s friend ends up at the end of the show.  I liked how Tara yelled at Dan’s friend “250,000 people tried out for this show and you haven’t even tried!”

And I was glad to see Joelle finally got her act together!  She needed a bit more of a push than the others, but I think she finally got it!  Maybe it was a fear of success?

I still kinda feel like I have a chest cold.  I took a long hot shower this morning so I think that helped.  And I am drinking mango green tea – yum!

Thanks for all the suggestions for my oven fries!  I think I did overstack them, so they steamed and didn’t crisp up.  I have new ideas to try next time!

Check out Sarah’s blog for the next BSI contest – dates!

I bought egg whites at TJ’s over the weekend, so back to my egg white sammie.  Today’s was 2.2 ounce bagel, 1/2 cup egg whites, fresh baby spinach and 1/2 ounce of the Pesto jack cheese I got at Aldi – a little of that goes a long way!

292 calories, 6 fat, 38 carbs
292 calories, 6 fat, 38 carbs

Whenever I make soup, I always portion out one cup servings and put them in the freezer.  I never label them because at the time I say to myself “I’ll remember what that is!”  Well, today for lunch is mystery soup.  Possible choices: taco soup, beef chili, red lentil chili, or roasted red pepper soup!  

Morning break is over.  See you at lunch!