We had a birthday celebration in our office yesterday – I ended up bringing in Chobani, my homemade copycat Nature Valley granola bars, fresh raspberries and a strawberry sauce.   The strawberry sauce couldn’t be simpler.


Since I made this before work and it was still hot, I ended up putting it in the freezer while I finished getting ready for work, and it cooled down nicely.  I used plain Chobani, blueberries, raspberries and the strawberry sauce, then topped with a touch of canned whipped cream and 1/3 of one of the granola bars that I crumbled over the top.

6.16 017

I was excited to get my Week 2 of my 12 week strength training yesterday morning by email.  Again there was a new to me exercise – the decline dumbbell fly:


My bench was a bit steep, but I didn’t know how to adjust it, so after I got used to the blood rushing to my head, I could really feel this strength move – I used 5 pound weights – it was 10 reps and FOUR sets!  Then followed by decline dumbbell press!   I can definitely feel the muscles in my arms and upper shoulders today – they are screaming at me “where have you been Biz?!”  I finished off with a 2 mile run – slow at 4.8 mph but I ran the whole time without stopping.

6.16 019

I put this picture on Instagram and used the hash tags #bitesizearmy #bitesizefitness – and I actually got a comment from Alyse from Bite Size Fitness! Open-mouthed smile

6.16 002

I ended up having a tasting plate for lunch – seems random but it was tasty – leftover shrimp cocktail, burrata cheese for dipping my carrots into and grapes.

6.16 031

It was birthday treat day, and I think I may have changed some lives with this gelato – I mean, come on – it’s sea salt caramel with chunks of chocolate!  I had a small scoop of the gelato and a tiny slice of the fruit tart.

6.16 026

Tony actually was meeting one of his friends out by a bar by my office, and he asked if I could stop by for a bit.  I had a couple beers before hitting the road so they could catch up.

6.16 027

I had to stop by the pharmacy on my way home.  I need my quick acting insulin and I still have $305 left on my deductible before the rest of my prescriptions are free for the rest of the year.  However, I did a quick google search for “free humulog kwikpen” and actually found the manufactures website that had a free offer for FIVE free pens – that costs me $331.  I didn’t know if the coupon would work since I have insurance, but lo and behold it worked – I pick up my free box of insulin after work tonight – here is the link in case you or anyone you know uses these pens.

So I was hangry by the time I got home, and I ended up making a quick pasta.  I cooked the broccoli in the microwave on “fresh vegetable” then finished it in the tomato sauce.  Super simple and it hit the spot.

6.16 033

I more than got my steps in yesterday – woop!

6.16 003

Looks like we might have a stormy day, so I’ll be hitting up the gym at lunch.

And THANK YOU to everyone who gave us ideas about the Mayo Clinic – as luck would have it a long time reader who has never commented (Hi Julie!) actually lives in Rochester AND works at the Mayo Clinic – what a small world?  (hope we can meet up for coffee when we are there Julie!).  And Heather reached out to a friend of hers who had stayed at Mayo and gave me some great ideas too – like calling the hotel at odd hours so the hotel staff has more of a chance to answer any questions about the shuttle, any discounts, etc. – THANK YOU!!

Alright, time to get my shit together – make it a great day!