I could have used just one more day off this weekend.  It went by way too fast!  I didn’t do too much on Saturday because I had to work.  Working in the restaurant business is like the saying in Forest Gump “life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.”  So is true with a table at a restaurant – I’ve long since ditched the idea of how a table will tip based on how they look, what they order, etc.  You just never know.  My goal is to make everyone happy.  If they have come out, especially on a crappy weather night, I want to make sure they get their money’s worth – and that includes not only excellent food but excellent service.

It took me over an hour to get to work because of the snowy roads.  I got there at 5:15, only to realize I’d be working the bar, which automatically means I will be working until closing – not 10:00 when the kitchen closes.

I stood around until about 6:45 – not a single person in the bar, and then all of a sudden WHAM!  The bar has six four top booths, I had a table set for an 8 top and I have three bar tables.  Before I knew it I had every single table filled!  Normally I have time to check in with Tony during the night – he knows when I am silent at work that means I am busy!  The first time I looked up it was 11:00 and it felt like 30 minutes had gone by.

But it was worth it – I made $300 before tipping out, and walked with $260.  Not too shabby!  But I didn’t get home until 1:30, and Tony waited up for me.  So I had a couple slices of pizza and a glass of wine and then we went to bed.  I was up surprisingly early – 9:00!  I started meal planning, doing my grocery list, etc.  I ran errands while Tony watched football. 

Yesterday I made beef stew, Mullagatawny soup (which tastes amazeballs!) and split pea soup for later in the week.  I think I finally sat down around 5 to watch American Idol. 

I face talked with Hannah last night, which is when she told me she’s coming to my office for lunch today!  It’s Martin Luther King Day so she’s off from school.  A friend of hers lives near my office so she’s coming to see me, we’ll go out to lunch and then she’ll meet up with her friend.  We are going to check out Wok N Fire – it’s a new restaurant that replaced a restaurant Tony and I used to go to called Nozumi – best calamari fries ever!  I haven’t seen Hannah in a few weeks, so it will be nice to see her face in person, not just on my phone!

So here were are at WI Monday.  Last Monday I was 161.4.

photo (2)

I will take the –1.6 AND that I am back in the 150s!!  And I am sure you are happy that I have matching socks on, even if one is a bit off. Open-mouthed smile

Sorry this post is boring – I am still tired and am trying to wake up – need more coffee – stat! 

Here is some link love though – I haven’t looked at too many recipes on this site, but I love how she breaks down the cost of making stuff yourself from home.  I have her whole wheat pancake recipe on my menu this week.  And I love the name – Pennies and Pancakes!

Have a great Monday and I promise to be more awake tomorrow.  Make it a great day!