I had every intention of making another breakfast parfait yesterday.  But I woke up HANGRY.  So I ate half of one of my copycat Nature Valley granola bars while I was blogging and getting ready for work.  I ended up eating the other half on my way to work with a cup of coffee.  I was busy right off the bat at work, and before I knew it, it was 11:00 and guess what?  I wasn’t hungry!  So I just skipped the yogurt and fruit.

I contemplated swimming at lunch with my toe, thinking the chlorine would actually help it.  My boss thought it was a bad idea – she thought with an open wound, not knowing what could be in the water, that it was a bad idea.  So I opted for a slow walk on the treadmill for 25 minutes and then 15 minutes of upper body.

ranch 009

Karli, I am still loving these shirts – BE(ef) SIMPLY GREAT!  Um, check out the amazeballs table Karli’s Mom made for her birthday!  I wish I was that talented!

ranch 010

I went into the kitchen to reheat my leftover soup from the weekend and I saw this package – I need to find out who brought this because I love the individual packs – each 2 ounce container was only 90 calories I think.

ranch 002

I ended up adding bean sprouts and a whole zucchini to my leftovers – and I still have one more serving for lunch today!  The noodles soaked up a lot of the broth, so it was more of a noodle dish than a soup, but still delish.

ranch 004

So since Tony and I have been watching his sodium intake, um, let’s just say that sodium is everywhere!   I mentioned 500 mg in just two small pieces of breakfast sausage.  Ranch dressing is no different – check out our normal ranch dressing stats:  200 mg of sodium for two tablespoons.

ranch 014

I thought “I can make a lower sodium ranch!”  I looked at dozens of recipes, and took what I liked out of all of them and came up with this one:


Now this was a pretty thin sauce, although I did read some recipes that said the longer it sat in your fridge, it would thicken up.  I ended up cooking up 3 ounces of steak for my Cobb salad – Tony went sans meat and had a hard boiled egg for his protein.

ranch 012

This was delicious – perfect summer salad if you ask me, even if it was only 65 and overcast when we ate it.   And considering I tried to stay off my feet as much as possible yesterday, I didn’t do too bad on my steps!

ranch 013

I got an appointment with a diabetic foot doctor this morning at 9:15 for him to check out my foot.  Tony is going to go with me – it’s kind of a role reversal because I am usually going with him to his doctor appointments!   Hopefully it won’t hurt too much.

Off to shower and make breakfast before we go – make it a great day!