My store had Chobani 5/$5 dollars, so get used to more yogurt parfaits!  This one was strawberry banana with honey chobani – although I realized this flavor is 4 points instead of 3, but even with the 1/4 cup of granola, this giant glass is only 7 WW points.

One of the secretaries is out a few days this week, so my morning was pretty busy.  The weather, while warm, called for scattered showers.  Worse case scenario was if I couldn’t work out at lunch, I would have Tony fix dinner and I’d go to the gym.  But I had my window and my blood sugar was cooperating – yeah!

As I was changing my clothes I noticed:  I didn’t pack any socks, the only hat I had was my winter hat and I left my headphones at home after running yesterday outside.  I could sometimes add all those obstacles together to convince myself it isn’t worth it.  But I didn’t. šŸ˜€

I did my five minute warm up walk to my “starting point.”  I stretched and waited until my watch hit 12:00 on the dot and told myself “just keep running.”  It was windy at times, I was pissed because my hair was whipping around my face.  You know, because I was going so fast. šŸ˜€  When I got to the 1.5 mile marker, I looked down and had run it in 15:32!  Sometimes it is mind over matter – my legs want to go faster, but my brain sometimes wants to say “slow down!”   Sometimes you just have to push yourself a bit harder.

I was hangry when I got back to work.   I had made myself a stuffed pepper for one over the weekend with leftovers.  I used 1/2 an Italian sausage chopped up (3), mixed that with 1/2 cup cooked brown rice, added 1/2 cup of marinara and stuffed it.  I brought it to work in one of my cute Staub pots.  I nuked it for 3 minutes and had every intention of adding the 1/4 cup fat free mozzarella on the top and finishing it off in the toaster oven.  Um, slight problem, it was too tall and didn’t fit!  So I just nuked it for another minute.  So filling and good – I did also mix in about 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper to the mix to kick it up a notch. šŸ˜€  Lunch comes in at 10 points.  (and check out Nicole’s blackbean and rice stuffed peppers – definitely going to try that next time).

So here’s a strange thing.  Ever since Tony had colon cancer last year, he hates thick meat.  This was a man who loved thick burgers, thick bone in pork chops.  Now?  Not so much.  So here are “skinny” pork chops with creamed spinach.  I adapted my previous recipe because with these thin chops, I couldn’t stuff them, but pureed the spinach mixture as a sauce.  Worked for me!   The chops and spinach are 7 points, on the side I made broccoli cheddar rice (yep, Rice a Roni to the rescue!), so my dinner comes in at 10 points.  It doesn’t look that appetizing, but believe me, it was delicious.

It’s supposed to be 66 degrees today!  I may have to bike today at lunch – it will be the first time I’ve ridden a bike since last November. šŸ˜€

Question of the Day:  Thick or Thin Meat?  Or No Meat at All?  Make it a great day!