Yesterday I hit the ground running at work.  Still training the new girl and I spent a big chunk of my morning at her desk showing her the ropes.  I ended up eating my breakfast at her desk, so no picture, but it was two more Pillsbury Grand breakfast muffins – so good!  I had a banana on the side too.

Before I knew it, it was time to head out to lunch – all of the support staff, well all THREE of us, went out to lunch to get to know each other better.  We went to Wok n Fire – love that place.  I need to drink cucumber water more often because it’s so refreshing.

woks 001

We ended up splitting the calamari appetizer (although I think I ate the most of it after I asked for sriracha for dipping) and then I got the red curry noodles with shrimp.  I was only able to eat barely half of my entrée, but tomorrow I’ll add some broccoli and zucchini and eat the leftovers.  Today I am having taco salad!

woks 003

woks 004

Work has been going by in the blink of an eye – which is good!  I ended up making Tony a wedge salad for dinner and he really liked it.  Me?  I had a burger with some pan fried fries I cut from half a baked potato – just cooked them while the burger cooked – they were just okay – didn’t get crisp like I wanted but didn’t think they warranted bringing up the deep fat fryer.  When I bring the fryer up I suddenly think of all the things I can deep fry!

woks 009

We’ve still been putting nuts out for Kyle and Lyle, but the blue birds seem to like them just as much!  I hadn’t seen Kyle for a while because I think now that all the snow is melted, food isn’t so scarce for them anymore.  So he stopped by for a visit last night.

woks 011

woks 015

I am going to need to do some serious power washing on the front deck in the next couple weekends – so many peanut shells!

I saw this on Pinterest and it made me laugh – I am sure there are a million selfie fails, but this one cracked me up.

woks 001

Even without a workout at lunch, I didn’t do too bad on my steps:

woks 004

Do you any of you guys use a Keurig?  I ran vinegar through it last night, and now it’s limping along – I read that it was okay to descale with vinegar, but now I am not sure!   I ended up running Brew Rite through it this morning – I hope I didn’t ruin it!  Momma needs her morning coffee!

Make it a great day!