Remember last October when I was invited to an event in Chicago for the Beef Counsel of America (“Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner!”) Beef Checkoff and the National Cattleman’s Association?  We learned all about all the lean cuts of beef, went to restaurants I stayed at The Wit Hotel that has the coolest rooftop bar!  Well, I am going on another trip!  Karli (who has an amazing decorating blog on the side of her regular job with her Mom) has invited me to another event – this time to a cattle ranch in Lubbock Texas!  It’s in June, and because it’s Lubbock, there are really no direct flights there, so I’ll be flying through Dallas, which means I may be flying on a smaller plane.

Here’s the deal.  I don’t really like to fly.  I get super nervous and the last few times I’ve flown, I’ve flown by myself.  It’s kind of hard to ask the person sitting next to me to tell me that it will all be okay.  When Tony and I got married we honeymooned in Key West.  We were going to take a ferry from Ft. Meyers, but they cancelled the ferry due to weather, so we flew.  A tiny plane.  Like a 4 seater plane!  It was just the pilot, Tony and I and the pilot asked if I wanted to sit in the co-pilot seat.  Um, no thank you!  It actually turned out to be a very smooth flight – I pictured small plane = lots of turbulence, but that wasn’t the case – whew! 

But I’ll get over my reservations for an all expense paid trip – I have a better chance getting hit by a car on my way to work than anything happening to me in a plane.  Are you okay with flying?

My pictures today are horrible because we had a client in the office yesterday. and he was using my “photo studio” i.e. the empty office that has the best light for my photos.  I walked in the door and hit the ground running – phones were out, an emergency document needed to be fixed – I ended up not even heating up my breakfast until 10:00!  I had a baby spinach, deli roast beef, egg white and swiss cheese tortilla – I used a low carb tortilla, and put it in the toaster oven and I really liked the crunchy edges of this.  Of course, I added about 3 times more hot sauce at my desk – that’s how I roll.  Devil

fly 003

Since the phones weren’t working, I had to forward our main line to my cell phone.  My window to work out came and went.  I couldn’t imagine huffing and puffing on a stair master and answering phone calls!  More low carb tacos for lunch – this time ground beef, black beans, broccoli slaw and these tortillas:

fly 005

While they are made with quinoa, amaranth and spelt, there is still whole wheat flour in them, so I guess they aren’t gluten free?  I like the chewy texture of these.  The tortilla from breakfast was a LaTortilla brand, which is  a bit thicker.  See what I mean about the shitty pics – ha!

fly 017

I got a couple snap chats from my stepson Joe – first up their dog TAQUITO!  They got this dog after we visited them last year.  Although he’s had a bit more problems adjusting to their house – they aren’t sure what his background is, but it probably wasn’t too kind.

fly 007

And then this, just to piss me off, because this morning it’s only 34 degrees.

fly 008

My work day went by in a flash.  Tony wasn’t feeling up to a big dinner last night.  I ended up making him some plain rice, which I then turned into steak stir fry for me – carrots, broccoli, yellow and red pepper, 4 ounces of steak, szechwan sauce and 1/2 a cup of cooked rice.  I then added some sriracha to kick it up.

fly 024

It took forever for it to cool down before I could eat it though!  Speaking of sriracha, Hannah gave me a t-shirt for my birthday – it screams me!  I can’t wait to wear it to the gym!

6.Urban Sriracha T

So without my lunch time workout, I didn’t hit my 10,000 steps – but not bad for a desk job!

fly 001

For those of you who asked to be friends on Fitbit, I sent you email invitations yesterday – just click “accept” and we are good to go!  Now I have another person who’s giving me a run for my money – Andrea has some amazing step totals!

Alright, I am off to put my food together for the day – need to use up the rest of the steak I defrosted for dinner last night – I may make a steak and sweet potato wrap for breakfast!  Make it a great day!