It still always amazes me the “huge” numbers these people lose in just one week.  Although, I know why.  Let’s take L.T. (Little Tom) for example.  Look at his whole family, parents, sisters and ESPECIALLY his uncles!  That’s the only life he has ever known!  Now let’s say he eats 10,000 calories (or more) per day.  Now he’s on the ranch, is on a 1500 calorie diet, is doing 5+ hours of exercise per day, and not in reach of comfort foods, pop or alcohol. 

It has to be a shock to the system!

In the three or four weeks from when Ali left the ranch to the season finale of last year, she was working out 5 – 6 hours per day and eating 1200 calories per day.  This is not possible in the real world, but that doesn’t prevent me from cheering these people on!

I’ll stick to my 2 pounds a week and be happy with that!

What are your thoughts?  Love BL or hate it?