When I was younger I never really wanted kids. I liked the idea of playing with one and handing it back to its folks.

I married my son Joey’s Mom and for several years all was well. At some point she (and I maybe) decided it was time to start trying to make another life form. I was fairly happy because it increased the activity in that area dramatically. It for some reason never dawned on me that this was going to create another life.

One day on my drive to the office I received a phone call from my huge cellular phone. It was Joey’s Mom, and she was pregnant. It was like getting hit with a bat. I acted excited but I was scared to death. We went to childbirth classes and did all of the things you do when expecting. Then the magic day arrived. Joey was predicted to be around eight pounds, but he turned out to be close to ten. They rushed us down to the operating room, mainly because of their concerns of complications.

I have seen some things in my life. Horrible care wrecks, Yentl, and other nasty things. I have never seen anything like that. I happened to sneak a look as they gave her the episiotomy…..that changed me forever. Joey came out, and I cried like a baby. I also got my dog fixed and swore to never do that again!

Joey and I didn’t bond right away. I didn’t have milk, and he really saw no need for me to be around. We moved from Sheboygan to the Chicago area when he was a few months old. Again he seemed to put up with me, but didn’t seem to notice me much.

One Sunday morning I decided to give Joey’s Mom a break and take him downstairs with me so she could sleep. Joey was kind of unusual because he rarely slept mote that four hours at a time until he was ten or so.

I put him on the floor with some toys and he looked at me. He then pulled himself up on the coffee table and gave me a huge smile. With that smile still on his mouth he walked into my arms. These were his first steps. Into my arms with a huge grin on his face. Well that did it for me, talk about bonding? I was done.

I will spend the rest of my life thinking about him, and hoping he is ok. I asked God for my son and I was lucky enough to get exactly what I asked for. He is the person I dreamed about all of those years ago. He has married a wonderful lady, he has two pugs and a cat. He is still afraid of bees, but he will always be my boy.

Hug your kids, they don’t stay around forever.