It was chilly yesterday morning, but since I wore my long sleeve shirt and sweatpants and socks to bed, all I had to do was throw my hair back in a ponytail (just fits!) put on my glasses and threw on a jacket and I was out the door.  For the record, I don’t think it’s required to put a bra on for walking around the neighborhood at 7:00 a.m. in the morning.  Just sayin.  At the end of 30 minutes the sun was starting to peak out, but that didn’t last very long.  I love the signs at the end of our road.  Literally a river right in front of you but there is a tree, stop sign and road ends sign.  You know some asshole ran into the river without stopping, hence they had to put the signs up.

PicMonkey Collage walk

So I had some blueberries that needed to be used up, or thrown out.  I went on Pinterest and put in blueberry pancakes, and I chose Todd’s Famous Pancakes.   I did use almond milk for the milk and I left out the butter, simply because I forgot!  The key to these pancakes is letting the batter rise – I normally let mine rest between 15-30 minutes, but these needed an hour!  No worries, I just made them the night before last.  I made the batter, left it on the counter, watched a couple shows and then it was time to cook them up. 

My syrup?  Almond Butter Sugar Free Pancake Syrup.  I used 1 teaspoon of Justin’s almond butter and 2 tablespoons of sugar free pancake syrup.  Then just nuked that for about 30-45 seconds, gave it a stir and poured it over the pancakes.  To top it off, I added 1 tablespoon chopped pecans and had some deli ham on the side for added protein.  I get lots of emails asking me how I can eat so many carbs.  My answer is this:  every diabetic is different, what works for me, may not work for you, but I can take insulin so I don’t have to rely on the food alone to manage my diabetes – which is good and bad.  Bad because now I can eat whatever I want – just take more insulin!  But if I eat carbs WITH protein, I don’t have the blood sugar spikes had I just eaten the pancakes and syrup by themselves.

5.19 016

I had a couple work errands to run at lunch, so I did a quick 20 minute walk on the trail near my office, then got the rest of my steps at the grocery store.  I was going to have another naan panini, but the walk was chilly and I was going to Mariano’s anyway for work supplies (Hazelnut coffee creamer is in high demand at my office!) so I made my sandwich fixings into a side salad, and picked up their vegetarian chili.  It’s really really good.  I do add a bit of hot sauce to mine, but it’s really good.  Interestingly enough, as you know I can’t go to the store without glancing at the cheese aisle, I saw this Cabot cheese wrapped unlike any other Cabot cheese I’ve ever seen.  I’ve asked them about it, so I’ll let you know when I find out.  It was tasty!  I added some to both my chili and my salad.

5.19 030

After work I had legs for strength.  Can I just say HOLY LUNGES!  Side to side lunges with the medicine ball – 10 reps on each leg – 4 sets.  Barbell Squats, front squats, walking side lunges.  I am happy to report that my knee had no trouble with any of the leg exercises – they ended up taking me 35 minutes.  Then I finished off with 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

5.19 031

So my Mom is leaving to visit my brother today for a week so I called her on my drive home from work to see how she’s doing.  As I was talking to her I went to scratch my head and wouldn’t you know I felt a tick.  WTF?!  I know better than to try to pull it off, but knowing I had a tick in my head for the remainder of my 20 minute drive home can of grossed me out.  Like a lot.  I came home and told Hannah and Jacob what was going on, Hannah went into action, got the tweezers out until she tried to get it out and it moved and she screamed.  Then I screamed!  Jacob just took the tweezers from her and yanked it out, a couple hairs and all, and I was just happy to see it intact – no head of the tick was left in my head!

5.19 032

Hey, this isn’t just a food blog, it’s my life blog – but just looking at that creeps me out.  By the way, that is the top to a bottle of alcohol, so you can see the proportion but just gross!  All last night I kept feeling my head for more ticks!

So one of Hannah’s favorite dishes, and my Mom’s now that I think of it, to order in a Thai restaurant is Pad Thai.  I suggested shrimp, Hannah said that would be okay, so we were all good.  When I was at the store I bought a packet of pad thai seasoning, kind of like you would get packaged taco seasoning.  But during the day I was thinking I didn’t want to waste $8 of shrimp on a shitty packaged seasoning, so I went to Kevin of Closet Cooking’s blog (so glad he’s back!  Does anyone know why he went on hiatus for several months?).  Anywho, when I saw that I already had all the ingredients to make my own sauce, that was a done deal.  I did reduce the chili sauce because Hannah doesn’t like spicy food, and I subbed in fettuccini noodles because I couldn’t find the right rice noodles.   And I used limes instead of tamarind.  Since I reduced the spiciness of the dish, I just added some sriracha to my plate.

5.19 036

Super delicious and filling.  Only one problem.  Hannah has decided that she doesn’t like shrimp because it tastes too “seafoody.”  I asked her if she would like it with tofu, and she said yes, so next time I make it I will use tofu.

Um, check out my steps for the day!

5.19 042

The only thing I would have loved more about that is if I walked 18,888 steps for 8.88 miles! 

Oh, I almost forgot!  My friends at Spartan Race are offering a special discount if you sign up for future races – just use the coupon code MEMORIAL to get $40 dollars off your entrance fee!  I am so excited, not only for my race, but for meeting up with blog readers Jessica, Kris and Mel and her husband Jory!  That’s my new hashtag for my life after Tony #adventures2015 – a part of me knows he let go so that I could live my life, and I need to honor that by doing just that.

Make it a great day!