Afternoon! Just checking in from the road. After my meatball sub lunch at work yesterday I was all caught up with my work and was able to leave work early which made all the difference, we didn’t have hardly any traffic and we made it to St. Louis last night.

I ate lunch around 12:15, the subs were a big hit, but who doesn’t love a sub sandwich? Oh, that would be Tony! Italian and he doesn’t like balls!


We pretty much drove straight through, so by the time we settled into our hotel and went to eat, it was nearly 8:30! We were hangry!


We started with beer, I got Summer Shandy on tap. So good but I can usually only drink one because its very lemony.

I got a grilled chicken sandwich with pepperoncini, really hit the spot!


We got up early. Our hotel had free breakfast so we each had a small bagel and coffee. Since Tony drove the whole time last night I offered to start the driving today.

Only one tiny problem with that. Tony hates how I drive. I drive too slow, make the wrong lane changes, etc. Lets face it, men and women are completely different drivers!

We stopped after I drove for four hours and got lunch. This place was half KFC and half Long John Silvers. I picked the obvious best choice:


If given the choice, which would you choose? We just entered Oklahoma, a state I have never been to before!

So I will do what I did yesterday when Tony was driving, pin shit on Pinterest!

Are you wondering what the blog post title is about? We are on I-44 and all we see are signs for antique malls, adult book stores, and we have seen a dozen dead armadillos on the road. Crazy!

This is the first time I have posted from my phone, so that’s why the pictures are marginal at best. I will post from my laptop on Monday, but wanted to wish you all a happy weekend. Hugs!!