Well, I didn’t win first place for my age group, but I wanted to accomplish three things:

  • Finish
  • Run the Whole Thing Without Stopping
  • Run under 45 which was my previous personal best

I DID ALL THREE!  My unofficial time was 40:22. 


Hannah did great too – she didn’t look to see what her time was, but it was probably around 35:00 – we are going to check online later today!

Before race pics:

Hannah was chilly!
Hannah was chilly!
me, with my stylish fanny pack of diabetic supplies!
me, with my stylish fanny pack of diabetic supplies!

 It was 44 degrees when we got in the car – I thought it was perfect weather!

When I woke up, my blood sugar was normal 104.  I thought I would just take half the amount of insulin I normally would, but it backfired on me.  At the end of the race I was 261!  I just ended up taking more insulin when I got home.  We treated ourselves to skinny lattes with sugar free shot of vanilla from Starbucks.


  • 1 whole grain Thomas english muffin
  • 2 ounces sliced gala apple
  • 1 ounce shart cheddar cheese

I asked Hannah if she wanted some, but something about this combination makes her want to vomit – I love it though!

290 calories, 32 grams of carbs
290 calories, 32 grams of carbs

I am on day two of making my mother-in-laws recipe for split pea soup.  I cooked it several hours yesterday, left the ham bones in overnight and was able to scrape off the fat on the top.  I picked off as much meat as I could, and put it back.  It thickened up nicely!

Plan for today – Hannah and I are meeting my mom for a movie – the new Queen Latifa/Dakota Fanning movie.  Probably won’t post until dinner time – hope everyone has a good Sunday! 

See you at dinner.