It’s weird being at the hospital on a holiday.  The Outpatient Pavilion where Tony was to have his colonoscopy closed at noon.  His appointment wasn’t until 11:15, so by the time he was ready to go in and I was to sit in the waiting area, I was the only one there.

nocancer 011

Here’s the deal about me and Tony.  I am always 100% positive, and Tony is usually 100% negative.  We somehow meet in the middle most times.  He was convinced his colon cancer had returned, I just refused to believe it.

nocancer 001

So when I was called back into the recovery room and he was sleeping, I waited a few minutes only to have the doctor to come in to tell us the news.  She immediately said “Oh hi!” to me, as if she knew me.  She showed us the pictures – NO CANCER!  He does have some polyps that have to be removed, but it was the best news ever.  Then the doctor said “are you one of my patients?”  When I said no, and realized I recognized her as well, we finally figured out we went to high school together – even graduating the same year – small world!  I should note that our graduating class was 1000 people! 

Tony was so tired because you have to do the “prep” the night before – he was up and down 40 times and didn’t get any sleep.  We took it easy the rest of the day and I simply made pasta for dinner – mine with Italian sausage, spinach and red sauce – Tony’s with just butter and Parmesan cheese. 

nocancer 003

And later that night, we watched my favorite movie of all time – It’s a Wonderful Life.

nocancer 007

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what’s under the tree at Christmas, it’s all about family and friends.  Even Clarence said “Remember no man is a failure who has friends.”  I consider each of you my friend and I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers sent out way – it is appreciated way more than you’ll ever know.

Christmas morning I was up before Tony and made myself grilled grapefruit.  My PIL ship me a box of Florida citrus and it makes me so happy – it’s just so good!  All I do is drizzle a teaspoon of honey on each side and broil it for about 5 minutes. 

nocancer 014

And later I had this orange, even though it looks like a grapefruit too!

xmas 2013 001

When Tony got up we ate a later breakfast – panettone, sausage and eggs.  I never had panettone before I met Tony – it’s a super light cake – not sure really describe it, but it’s so good!  We split a mini one.

xmas 2013 034

xmas 2013 036

I headed to my Mom’s for Christmas dinner in the afternoon.  My brother Charlie and his family are in town from Texas, and my sister and her family and Hannah and her boyfriend were there too.  13 in all!  I took pictures of everyone, but sadly for a portion of the pictures I had the wrong setting on my camera – so these are the ones that turned out!

xmas 2013

My Mom made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, glazed carrots, fruit salad – everything was delicious!  My Mom makes the best mashed potatoes!

xmas 2013 019

We ended up exchanging gifts – I have to say the best one I got was that my Mom was in cahoots with Tony.  About a month ago when I was meeting my Mom at church, Tony handed me a box that was taped up and said “could you give this to your Mom and don’t ask any questions.”  Um, okay.  I completely forgot about it, and yesterday figured out what was in the box – my old VHS tapes of Hannah when she was little.  We taped the day she was born and every year I watch it on her birthday.  On her 20th birthday, I nearly ripped the tape in the VCR – so on her 21st birthday I was too scared to watch it!  With my brother’s help, my Mom transferred the VHS to DVDs.

xmas 2013 028

Now I can safely watch the tapes before and not be worried they will be ruined.  Thanks Mom and Charlie!

So all in all – it was a wonderful Christmas.  Tony being healthy being the best gift of all!

I got up early this morning because my blood sugar was 49 – gah!  I thought I ate enough Chex Mix to be high this morning!  My treat day is done, back to the routine as best as I can.  I have today off from work, and will be meeting up with my brother sometime today – maybe just hanging out at my Mom’s or maybe a movie – I want to see the Walter Mitty movie!

How was your Christmas??  Hope you have a wonderful day!  Stop Dreaming.  Start Living!