I cheated on Chobani.  For some reason I only bought two plain Greek yogurts this week.  So when I was putting my breakfast together yesterday, I grabbed one of Tony’s Yoplait yogurts.

8.14 002

OMG, it was SO sweet.  I could only eat about 2 bites before I threw it out.  I guess I am just used to my tangy Chobani!  So don’t worry Tony, the rest of your yogurts are safe!   When it was time to go to the gym I checked my blood sugar.  I wanted to run a 5k, but when I tested it, my blood sugar was only 134 – too low for me to work out very hard.  Damn.  I like it to be about 210-220 before working out at lunch because it can drop 100 points in 45 minutes.  So I ended up doing a 4.0 mph walk on the treadmill.  Better than nothing!

8.14 032

I realized this week that my workouts are not nearly as intense as they should be, and I haven’t got back into my Bite Size Fitness strength program.  This is week 10 and I think I stopped at about week 6.  As much as I love my before work “me” time I think next week I’ll have to hit the gym before work, that way if something comes up, I know I’ve already got my workout done.  If I get to swim or do a T-25 at night, that will just be a bonus.

Since I am on the Cheese Board of Cabot Cheese, I get coupons for free cheese.  I know, how lucky am I?  Last week I totally lucked out and actually saved my coupons for when it’s not on sale, but I got 8 oz. bricks of cheese 2 for $4!  Normally they sell for a minimum of $3.99 each.

8.14 041

Oaky and buttery perfect adjectives to describe this cheese.  Smooth would be another word for it.  While I love their extra sharp cheese because of the bite, I would describe this cheese as “company cheese” as I think it would suit most palates.  I think this cheese would also be perfect for grilled cheese.  I brought some of my Michael Symon Cincinnati chili to work that was in the freezer.  I brought a can of black beans and added 1/2 a cup to the chili, then topped it with these cheese.  It was amazeballs!  And thanks Jacky for letting me know that the Oxford Dictionary is adding the word amazeballs to it!  Love it!  Well, that word and douchebaggery.  I believe I’ll be using the word amazeballs more though.

8.14 015


So there are a few chores that I just dread doing.  Like a lot, but I know they have to get done.  My number one hated chore?  Emptying the dish washer.  Although I bet if I timed myself it takes less than 5 minutes but every time I see that clean light button flashing I cringe.  Second hated chore?  Garbage night!  Last night it was garbage night so I ended up doing it when I got home otherwise I’d be telling myself all night “get the garbage out!” only to go to bed forgetting and then scrambling to get the garbage down to the curb before the garbage men come.  Um, turns out that’s happened more than once to me.

So after 15 minutes of doing that, I just wanted to get dinner made and to sit down.  I usually make my Company Salisbury steak, but this time I did a cheaters version.


I plated Tony’s plate first so that I could stir in my baby spinach into my potatoes.  Put the potato/spinach mixture on the bottom of the plate.  Top with the Salisbury steak and pour mushroom gravy over the top.  Seriously this took me 15 minutes to make.

8.14 038

8.14 026

Super simple comfort food.  Yum!

I have a couple shout outs today – blog reader Christina sent me a shit ton of k-cups!   Um, she also snuck some money into my paypal account that helped us buy Tony a deluxe blood pressure machine.  I cannot thank you enough Christine!!  Hugs!

8.14 036

And blog reader and card maker extraordinaire Louise sent Tony a get well card.  We love how there is a squirrel on the front!   If you guys need handmade cards, she’s the one to go to.  Each one is handcrafted and a work of art.  You can check out her etsy shop here.

8.14 037

Only 7 more reminders to vote for my Pan Seared Pork Chops!

And only 1 more day to enter my Ball jar giveaway.

Happy Friday!  Hope the work day goes by fast – bring on the weekend!