This weekend actually feels like the beginning of August – temps in the high 70s this weekend, no rain in the forecast. I love it!

On the way to work I picked up another protein box (thanks Heather!) for breakfast.  There was a bit of a line, but I wasn’t in a hurry, so I had time to look in the pastry case.  Shouldn’t have done that – they have baby scones for .95 cents each!  That made it on my plate, and while I usually leave the cheese for last, this time the vanilla bean scone won out.  I could literally eat that ever day and not get sick of it.

grill 020

Before work I decided to make a chicken stir-fry for lunch.  I had leftover brown rice and spicy green beans, all I needed to do was cook up the chicken to go with it.  I found this at the grocery store a few weeks ago, and it reminded me of the pepper vinegar my grandpa used to have on the table all the time.

grill 017

So right when the chicken was finished cooking, I tossed in a bit of that spicy vinegar, some chile paste and a touch of hoisin sauce.  Put it in a container and threw it in my lunch bag.

grill 010

I threw the green beans rice and chicken together, heated it up, took a couple bits of the chicken, and quickly realized my chicken was bad.  I don’t have a very good sense of smell, which is one of the winning reasons Tony married me – he could fart like there’s no tomorrow and I am none the wiser. Open-mouthed smile

But here’s the deal – I had already given myself the insulin needed to eat that food, and there wasn’t food to meet the insulin.  I quickly dumped the bowl in the trash, went to Mariano’s and bought one chicken finger off the hot food buffet, paid for it at the cashiers that are right there, and ate it while I shopped.  Whew – crisis averted!

My nephew is coming over for lunch today, so I decided to grill up a chuck roast on the grill to then slice then, mix with au jus, and make cheezy beef sandwiches for lunch today.  Tony has had a taste for a plain burger with a caprese salad on the side, so that’s what I was making for our dinner.  Heat the grill up once, cook twice!  Actually, my coals were so awesome, I wished I had more stuff to grill up!  So while we listened to a Doug Benson podcast, the chuck roast cooked for about an hour, and then I threw our burgers on.  I actually cooked the burgers on indirect heat, and only seared them at the end to get the crispy edges.

grill 015

grill 018

grill 040

grill 042

Tony’s perfect plate:

grill 028

And my perfect medium rare burger with mozzarella cheese and hot giardienera.  Yum!

grill 033

Tony leaves for Mayo tomorrow afternoon for some checkups and tests on Monday.  He’s doing the trip solo since I only have 1 vacation day left for the year.   I am going to Mom’s tomorrow to celebrate her birthday which was last week.  We are going to grill a chicken, and have a side salad and I am making Hannah’s favorite ham macaroni and cheese – I sent her this text yesterday from the store:

grill 023

Hannah is of the assumption that “shaped” pasta has more flavor.  So if she bought Kraft mac n cheese, it had to be a character shape.  But she does like my homemade better. Open-mouthed smile

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the weather if it’s nice!  Hugs!