It was a chilly drive in yesterday morning, but since I heated up my car for 10 minutes before I left for work, I was toasty posty.  The sun was struggling to shine.

cold2 004

Continuing the Mexican breakfast theme – I made breakfast tacos – 1 ounce of tortillas, 2 medium eggs, 1.5 ounces taco meat, 1/2 cup baby spinach, 1/2 an ounce of cheddar cheese and diced tomato and salsa verde.  All I do is cook the eggs in the microwave in a bowl – so I end up with one circle of cooked egg – then I cut that into 8 triangles and put one triangle on each taco and build the nachos up from there.  This plate comes in at 463 calories and 31 grams of protein.  Some of you may think that’s a lot of calories for breakfast, but since I have to take insulin shots every time I eat, I hardly ever eat snacks.  This kept me full for hours.

cold2 005

cold2 027

It was the 3rd day of Fitmas at the gym.  On tap – 20 squats, using only your body weight.  I could do those in my sleep!  I decided to make it a bit tougher and did them on the Bosu ball – now that’s a challenge!

cold2 008

cold2 009

cold2 014

I love my Chobani t-shirt – so soft!  It was arms and back yesterday – six exercises, 20 reps of each x 3 rounds.  Took me just under 40 minutes.

cold2 011

While I work out I listen to iTunes radio – just the Pop channel.  At one point I was listening to a song and I was thinking “I really like this, I wonder who it is?”  I looked down and saw it was Britney Spears!

cold2 016

My daughter-in-law LOVES Britney, so I texted her this picture and said “I kinda like this song!”  and she replied “me too!”  My Fitmas gift of the day?  A pink pig stress ball!

cold2 018

Two of my three bosses were out yesterday, so I got a shit ton done – mostly filing, but to pass the time, I listened to Christmas music all day long.  Love!

cold2 007

Tony was telling me over the weekend that he had an idea for a soup for me, using leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, but with a Tex Mex flair.  I got home from work Tuesday night and saw a pot of rice on the stove – like a lot of rice, but then I saw peppers, tomatoes, turkey.  Apparently he had the soup perfect, using two 4 cup containers of chicken broth, set it on low and walked away.  The rice absorbed ALL the liquid!  I wasn’t worried though – I just brought another container of chicken broth and added that to the rice mixture.  I used one cup of the rice mixture with 1 cup of broth, heated it up and then added a bit more fresh chopped spinach on top, or the “green shit” as Tony puts it.

cold2 029

cold2 034

cold2 037

This soup was SO GOOD!  The spice seasoning was perfect – he said he used chili powder and jalapeno – and added just enough spice so that it was inedible for him, but he knew it would be perfect for me.   He also suggested that I bring a lime and squeeze a bit over the top and it was perfect.  The only thing I would have added was a dollop of sour cream.  

I defrosted some chicken legs to make fried chicken for dinner.  Damn the deep fryer being on the counter, because then I got the idea to make tempura broccoli and jalapenos.  Dipped in fat free ranch – what could be tastier?!

cold2 045

cold2 048

Stats for the Day:

  • 1618 calories, 79 fat, 13 fiber, 71 protein, 14 fiber
  • 35% of calories from carbs, 46% from fat and 18% from protein
  • 40 minutes of abs/back/squats

So today I do a double – day job then head over to the restaurant.  Not sure how busy it will be because it’s so cold today – right now it’s –3 degrees, but it feels like –19! 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a guest post from Tony.  Stay warm my Midwestern friends!  Make it a great day!