Since I discovered that I like spaghetti squash, I thought to myself, “there is a whole world of other winter squashes – you’ll probably like them all!”

But all squash are not created equal!  I picked this one up at the store:

It was called a “golden nugget.”  It had a website on the sticker to check out recipes.  Well, when I got home and went on the website, there were no particular instruction for this type of squash, so I cooked it in my microwave for 5 minutes.  When it was done cooking it looked like this:

It kind of looked like spaghetti squash, but it was really mushy.  And I didn’t like the taste by itself.  So I went back to the website, and picked an acorn/apple recipe.  I cooked 1/2 golden delicious apple in the microwave for 4 minutes, and mixed it with the cooked squash, and sprinkled with cinnamon and a smidge of butter.  The result?


So if anyone has any other ideas on how to cook this, I am all ears!


  • 1 english muffin, toasted
  • 4 ounce 93% lean ground beef burger
  • 1 slice vermont cheddar cheese
  • handful of spinach
  • 1.5 ounces oven fries
  • LOTS OF MUSTARD! (It’s buried under spinach!)
54 calories, 23 fat, 4.5 fiber, 40 carbs, 43 protein
544 calories, 23 fat, 4.5 fiber, 40 carbs, 43 protein

It was interesting because my blood sugar was low ALL DAY.  I did do a lot of moving of boxes at work today, so I wasn’t just sitting at my desk all day.  Who knows?  My average today was around 85.


  • 1374 calories
  • 52 fat
  • 144 protein
  • 21 fiber
  • 73 protein


  • 15 minute morning walk with Ed
  • 30 minute spinning bike sprint/hill
  • 30 minute ellipitcal at lunch 15% INCLINE BABY!
  • 10 minute evening walk with Ed

Watching the second half of Biggest Loser – I’ll talk about it tomorrow!