The drive to work yesterday was gorgeous.  It was 55 degrees and sunny, the first awesome fall day if you ask me.

chilly 004

chilly 006

I heated up a poppy seed muffin in the microwave for 20 seconds – tasted just like it came out of the oven.  I enjoyed that with my to go coffee on the way to work.

chilly 003

I always have to laugh at my food on Friday’s because I almost always have nothing planned – I write my menu plans from Saturday to Thursday and I think that Friday is just my “leftover” kind of day.

Yesterday I had a breakfast baked potato.  Scrambled egg whites with spinach.  I cut a baked potato in half (it ended up being 4 ounces) and scooped out the potato and scrambled that with the egg whites.  Then at work I put two slices of ham on the bottom, put the egg/potato/spinach mixture on top, topped it with 1/2 an ounce of cheese and put it under the broiler.  284 calories and 27 grams of protein!  I didn’t take a picture of it smothered in hot sauce though. Open-mouthed smile

chilly 008

My twin sister loves puffy clouds so I texted her this picture outside my gym.

chilly 011

Janetha put a workout on Instagram that seemed bad ass.  20 minute sweat session on the stair master – 1 minute sprint at level 20 and 1 minute “rest” at level 8, then repeat for 20 minutes.

Um, yeah, no.  Have you ever done level 20 on a stair master?  Holy shizz, I couldn’t even get it up that high without falling off, so I quickly devised a new workout.  5 minute warm up on the treadmill – then this workout below (I typed it up when I got back to work) and 5 minute cool down for a perfect 40 minute lunch workout.

chilly 019

Even at level 15 my heart was pounding!   Thanks for the inspiration Janetha!  And when I was done, I had a sweat beard and stache – klassy!

chilly 016

   chilly 012   chilly 013

chilly 014

Not bad 82 floors in 30 minutes. Thumbs up

You guys are never going to guess what I had for lunch yesterday.  Are you ready for it???


One of the attorneys I work for has a dairy allergy and didn’t realize this canned soup had dairy in it, so he gave it to me. 

chilly 018

It’s two servings, so I ate the whole can – which was 260 calories and sadly 85% of my sodium intake for day.  Skippy, don’t buy this soup! Open-mouthed smile

chilly 021

I have to confess – it was actually pretty good.  I spiced it up with some Tabasco, but there were chunks of chicken, rice, black and pinto beans.  I may need to make a Mexican soup this week.

I had a Chobani later in the afternoon as a snack.  I hadn’t had the blueberry in a while and it was really good.

chilly 022

Why is it that Friday afternoons at work seem to drag on and on and on.  I couldn’t wait until 5:00!

I had a rewards coupon so we had pizza delivered!  Hooray for party pizza Friday! 

chilly 025

I had that plate, plus two more squares – I was really hungry last night. Open-mouthed smile

Tony and I are actually going out with our neighbors tonight – they’ve invited us to a Beer and BBQ event.   Um, pretty sure beer and bbq go hand in hand!  And tomorrow is football Sunday – we might have a rainy day so you can bet I’ll be Bizzy in my Kitchen. Open-mouthed smile

I also plan on hitting up the library to get books on weight lifting – I think I need to concentrate my lunch hour workouts to weight lifting, and leave the cardio to Insanity at night.  I’ve got that 14 pound loss goal to attain!

Another thing I fail at over the weekend is getting my water intake in – so I’ve filled up my 3L jug and I have to drink it before the end of today.

chilly 027

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!  You can follow me on Instagram though – biz319.  Hugs!