Yep, Joe’s birthday, then Tony’s birthday – and today is my Mom’s birthday!  Hannah and Nana!


I think she looks great for 69 years old! :D  She is the busiest person I know – now that she’s retired, she wonders when she had time to put in a full work day!  She volunteers at her local pantry, at the local thrift store, and is very active in her church community.  So glad you are enjoying your retirement!

So yesterday I had a typical egg sammie breakfast, but I used pepperoni as my meat – just six slices gave it an extra kick!  With strawberries on the side.



I brought in mystery soup, which ended up being chili!  I had these crackers on the side – not too bad for only 20 calories a piece!  They are Wasa brand.



So I had stopped over the weekend to pick up the crab legs at Sam’s Club, only to remember I had given my Sam’s card to Hannah so she can get cheaper gas.  I thought, no problem, she could just go pick them up for me after school yesterday.  But guess what?  They were out of King Crab!  Hannah said all they had was a bag with one leg and a bunch of knuckles!  So on to plan B.  I stopped by my local grocery store on the way home and picked up snow crab – at $5.99 a pound!




And while I usually pick off all the meat and let it sit in my melted butter for crab butter soup, I did not this time – I maybe had a tablespoon of butter in total.  We all were pleasantly surprised at how good the meat was – and agreed the claw meat was the best:


And while no one likes the knuckle meat but me, I plan on making a crab bisque out of the leftover meat.


We also had my killer carrot cake – I am taking the rest to work today – too tempting to have it in the house!

So today is Weigh-In Wednesday – drum roll . . . .


I have to double check it later, but I think I was 164.6 last week, so I am down another 1.2 pounds this week!  I still need to do my toenails too! 😀

And guess what?  I didn’t have Biggest Loser taped and didn’t realize it until 8:00, so I missed the first hour – plan to watch it tonight so we can discuss tomorrow.

Okay, gotta scoot – Happy Birthday Mom!