My breakfast and lunch meal planning this week kind of sucks ass.  I have no idea what I was thinking over the weekend – I guess I was just concentrating on my SIL’s lunches and dinners!

So yesterday I stopped by McD’s, got their sausage Mcmuffin off the dollar menu ($1.07!) and had a sliced apple on the side.  Breakfast comes in at 425 calories, 22 fat, 45 carbs, 4.6 fiber and 14 protein.

mcD 002

I had every intention of doing my regular 5k on my lunch hour, and then trying the group exercise class after work.  The only thing is I completely forgot I had an eye doctor appointment for my year check up, that, ahem, should have been done in September!  They weren’t going to give me any more contacts until I got it done.

So I ended up working through lunch and leaving early.  I got to my eye doctor at 3:00 p.m.

Did you know November is National Diabetes Month?  Well, I didn’t either until yesterday!  Yesterday was World Diabetes Day

More than 300 million people have diabetes; representing 6% of the world’s adult population, with numbers increasing fast everywhere. An additional seven million people develop the disease each year. By 2025, The Federation estimates that 380 million people will have diabetes.

Those numbers are staggering to me.  And while diabetes is a pain in the ass, it is a manageable chronic illness.  It just takes time to figure out how your body reacts to food, insulin, exercise, etc.  And for me, no two days are alike.  What worked one day, might not work the next day, so you have to ride the waves so to speak.

Having your eyes examined once a year is very important.  Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness due to diabetes complications in adults over age 40.   Diabetic retinopathy is the most common eye complication in diabetics.  Because its initial symptoms are very slight or even unnoticeable, diabetic retinopathy often goes undiagnosed. However, it can be detected during an annual comprehensive eye exam. Once detected, it can be treated by laser surgery.

So after my eye exam yesterday – my doctor deemed my eyes beautiful!  Winning! Open-mouthed smile  So if you have diabetes, or someone you love does, make sure they take care of their eyes, okay?  I’ll get off my soap box now.

I ate lunch at my desk, leftover potato broccoli soup, with an English muffin on the side.  Lunch comes in at 358 calories, 10 fat, 54cars, 6.1 fiber and 16 protein.

   mcD 011   mcD 015

mcD 018

I just love the soup bowl I used at work – not sure who’s it is, but no one ever uses it:

mcD 013

So I went to the gym by my house after my eye doctor appointment.  Check out the time yesterday!!


In the corner you can see that my last .2 mile split was run at 6.0, which is fast for me.  2:21 seconds to shave off to hit that 35 minute goal!  I walked for 10 minutes to cool down, then did this workout I found on pinterest:


I actually had to look up “bird-dogs” and double check what standing calf raises were, but this was a good workout – I forgot to time myself, but I think it took me probably about 10-13 minutes?

Tony was so excited when I got home to find out it was Mexican fiesta night! (#not).  I had two corn tostadas, with 3 ounces of ground beef taco meat split between the two, 1/2 ounce of cheese, 2 teaspoons fat free sour cream, Buffalo Tabasco!, and a side dish I made with leftover white rice, canned black beans, lime and cilantro.  Dinner, while a shitty picture, was delicious and comes in at 559 calories, 27 fat, 47 carbs, 5.25 fiber and 31 protein.

mcD 022

Have I told you that my step-son and his fiancé are getting married the day after Thanksgiving??!!  They live in Austin, and they are going to a Justice of the Peace, just the two of them.  Then they are coming to Chicago for a whirlwind four days the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

With so many friends and family to see, we aren’t sure just how we’ll fit into their schedule.  All I know is Joe loves banana bread.  Like a lot.  But he’s picky about his banana bread (and his carrot cake too).  No nuts, raisins, or anything like that. 

Just so happens Tony and I were watching America’s Test Kitchens and they were making the ultimate banana bread.  I decided to do a dry run of it last night.  The only thing I’ll do differently next time is cook it a bit longer – it said to cook between 55 and 75 minutes and cool for 30 minutes before slicing.  I took it out just at 55 minutes, but I think it could have used about 5 more minutes – just the bottom layer was slightly doughy.

crack banana bread

My picture doesn’t do it justice – that was taken with my phone to send a picture of it to Joe.  Here is the test kitchen picture:

banana bread

I promise to post the recipe tomorrow, I am running out of time and have to get ready for work.  Um, I had a slice and it was insulin worthy!!   And I might add . . . rivals my MIL’s banana bread which I didn’t think could be beat!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1769 calories, 80 fat, 200 carbs (yikes!) 19 fiber and 71 proteinPizza
  • 5k at lunch, 47 minutes total on the treadmill Bunny
  • Wednesday workout Turtle
  • average blood sugar 147 Birthday cake
  • no alcohol Martini glass

This week is going by fast – can’t believe its Thursday already!  Just about to take my breakfast casserole out of the oven – come back tomorrow for the recipe – so quick to put together and it bakes while you get ready for work.

Make it a great day!