Or CLR.   Saturday morning I realized that I had bought some country sausage at the fresh market the previous weekend and I needed to cook it up.  I didn’t really look at the ingredients too closely, but added some fennel seed, salt and pepper to the mix.  It was not greasy at all.

weekend 8.11 002

I ended up making 8 patties.  I had two patties, some delicious cantaloupe and an English muffin with pepper jelly on it that I bought when I was in Michigan with my Mom and Hannah – its so good!
weekend 8.11 003

weekend 8.11 010

Then it was time for chores.  We’ve neglected our weeding for weeks because its been so dry and so hot.  I literally pulled three huge garbage cans of weeds to the back of our woods.  We had these giant plants, for lack of a better word – I have no idea what kind of weed this is, but it has a stem that looks like rhubarb.

weekend 8.11 001

weekend 8.11 008

While I was weeding, Tony went to pick up some cans of tar because we have a small leak on our roof.  We need a new one, but its not in the budget this year, so I did some patch work.  It was actually not too bad, there was a nice breeze – it made me think how I would have hated to be a roofer this summer with our heat!

When I was done, I thought I had been careful not to get tar on myself, but no such luck.  I had some tar on my forearm, and for some reason thought that if I poured a little bit of CLR on the tar and rubbed it, it would magically go away.  Well, it did, but along with it my top layer of skin!


So my next bright idea?  A Magic Eraser.

magic eraser

The result?  I now have two giant circles where I scrubbed the tar off – again the tar came off, along with the top layer of my skin. 


So that’s my advice for you this week – don’t use cleaning products to clean your body. Open-mouthed smile

After several hours of chores when I was taking my shower I was thinking what I could make us for lunch.  I remembered I had a leftover beef roast, so I chopped that up and simmered it in bottled bbq sauce for about 5 minutes, basically just to warm up the beef.

I had some smoked sharp cheddar cheese so I made a beef bbq smoked cheddar panani – holy shizz, was this delicious!

weekend 8.11 015

And then after that I laid on the couch.  Tony said “g’night!”  I was like, I am not going to fall asleep – its only 4:30 in the afternoon?!

I fell asleep for an hour – it felt so good, but I was really sore the rest of the day – turns out I don’t remember that my body is 44 years old and not 24 years old!

I have a new summer drink that’s delicious – 1/4 white wine to 3/4 grapefruit seltzer – it tastes just like a Bartles & James!

weekend 8.11 019

Hannah texted me on Saturday that she was going to be in town and I suggested we get together for breakfast Sunday morning.  I picked her up at 9:30 – there are no pictures because we both had our “pull your hair back in a pony tail no make-up” looks going on. Open-mouthed smile

We had a great breakfast, even though the service was shitty, and had the will power to refrain from not ordering the corned beef hash OR the biscuits and gravy.

We then went to the grocery store together – it was like old times!  It was great to see you Hannah! Open-mouthed smile

As luck would have it they had three packages of $1 tomatoes on the discount rack – I only had to throw away three – I made a giant pot of sauce.

weekend 8.11 025

We spent the afternoon hanging outside – Ed loves it although we think he’s going deaf and he doesn’t see the bunny rabbits until they are about 10 feet away from him – he’s getting so old! Sad smile

weekend 8.11 030

I marinated three pork chops to make pork gyros for dinner.  It was one pound all together, I marinated it in 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon oregano, the juice of one lemon (seems like a lot, but stick with it), the zest of one lemon, 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt and 1/2 teaspoon cracked pepper.  Mine marinated for about 4 hours.

weekend 8.11 034

Not sure I’ll ever get the hang of cooking for two!  I have half the meat leftover. Open-mouthed smile

weekend 8.11 046

weekend 8.11 045

It was delicious – although a couple pieces of meat were a tad overdone, but the flavor was delicious.  Maybe next time I’ll even marinate it overnight.

Okay, am I the last person on earth to hear about LIP DUB?  Tony was shocked that I’ve never seen one of these videos on YouTube yet!  Mom, I thought you would like this!  I think it’s so cool.


Alright, another Monday morning and time to get ready for work – make it a great day!