I wish my Dad could have lived long enough to enjoy digital photography.  My Dad was an avid photographer, so much so that we had a dark room in our basement.  I remember going downstairs as a child, seeing the red light flashing outside the dark room which meant I couldn’t go in just yet.

When I did watch my Dad develop the film, it was with awe that adding stinky chemicals to pieces of paper, shaking them around that all of a sudden the pictures came to life.  He’d hang them up to dry and it was really only then that he could tell if he got the shot he wanted or not.

Me?  I took 217 pictures over the weekend.  9/10 of them I probably will delete eventually, but I just love how instant you can tell if your picture turned out good or not.

weekend5.5 009

Tony and I went out to lunch on Saturday and grocery shopped.  I was wise this time and ordered a burger at a place known for their burgers.

weekend5.5 012

It’s pretty dark in there, so my actual picture didn’t turn out well, but I got a poblano burger that had this spicy sauce on it.  This was our breakfast and lunch which is becoming typical of our weekends.  Don’t worry, mine didn’t have onions on it!


When we got we got back it was our first lawn mow of the year!  I don’t think we’ve waited until May before to cut our grass.  While Tony took care of the lawn, I had to take care of a tree limb that had fallen during our last storm.  It was so heavy, I couldn’t even lift it!  Using a hand saw, it took me and hour and 15 minutes to cut down.  We’ll have lots of wood for bonfires!

weekend5.5 028

weekend5.5 050

We ended up having to get a new battery for our riding mower.  Seems every other year we have to do it.  Sadly we realized that Tony’s socket wrench kit got soaked when our basement flooded – it took him a while to get it back in order.

weekend5.5 033

We sat outside and listened to Raw Dog comedy on Pandora.  We enjoyed a couple beers and loved being able to hang outside.

weekend5.5 031

weekend5.5 036

weekend5.5 041

I drank my Detox Water both Saturday and Sunday!!  Hooray for getting water in over the weekend. Open-mouthed smile

weekend5.5 045

We ended up buying a roast that was on sale.  I cut it in half and froze the second half for later, and used my new favorite beef marinade and let it marinate overnight.

weekend5.5 022

weekend5.5 025

weekend5.5 193

weekend5.5 204

weekend5.5 206

I took the meat off at 125 and let it rest for 15 minutes before slicing – perfect medium rare.

weekend5.5 211

I was Bizzy in my Kitchen yesterday.  I made more lasagna soup (I know, #34!), copy cat Nature Valley granola bars, banana and cinnamon chip bread pudding, and a creamy taco soup.  I’ll be posting those recipes later this week.

Thanks for a great weekend Tony – I love you!  Make it a great day. Open-mouthed smile