No surprise in this weeks WI – I only worked out 4 times and let’s just say I ate a bit too much this week!

So 162.4.  I want to be 150 by January 1, so that’s 12 pounds in 7 weeks.  I am super excited about my new eating plan and workout schedule – I haven’t incorporated strength training into my routine in ages.

The company that’s sponsoring my new eating and exercise plan makes a scale that doesn’t tell you in numbers how much you weigh.  Only if you’ve gained or lost since the last time you stepped on the scale.

The premise is that too often we concentrate so much on the number, that we fail to recognize small successes on the scale.  Interestingly enough, that was the topic in WW today – healthy-thinking strategies for facing the scale, no matter what it says.

It was interesting to hear people talk about the scale today – if you WI and have a loss and you know you drank wine and had pizza, you think “I can have wine and pizza every week and lose weight!”  Except we all know that it will catch up with you the next week.

Bottom line, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, the scale will follow you.

I am off to put my grocery list together – going to Whole Foods tomorrow too for almond flour, coconut water and coconut milk.  And starting today no more alcohol – I think that alone will make my scale move in the right direction!

I also plan on taking measurements today too.  So tell me, are you a slave to the scale?  How often do you weigh in?

It’s a gorgeous day today, I plan to get a walk in sometime today. 😀

Don’t forget you have until Sunday morning to submit your BSI recipe – pumpkin!

And you have until Monday to enter my food scale giveaway.