Thanks for all your well wishes for my Momma.  Our day started out pretty early – she had to be to the hospital at 7:30, so I dropped her off at 7:15.  Yes, my independent Momma didn’t want me to wait inside – just wait for the doctor to call when she was done.

I drove in my workout clothes because I planned on running at my high school track.  Actually this used to be a used car lot and my field hockey field was across the street.  Now my field hockey field is a 3 story car lot!

I am not sure how big the track is, but I sprinted the straight away, and then walked the curves . . . for get this . . . one hour!  It was perfect – about 65 degrees – it felt so good that by 8:30 in the morning I was already done with my work out.  About half way through though, two gym classes took the field – one group was playing frisbee and the other group was playing football – what gives?  I remember not liking gym class!

Being at the high school made me feel like this again:  (wow, 28 years ago!)

When I was done I realized that The Economy Shop was open again, and I got some good deals – they have a $1 room and I got some work out clothes and a winter coat.  Tyler, I also found some really cool glassware for pantry items – loved your idea of using glass jars!

Then I went to . . .

I wanted to make my mom the baked pumpkin oatmeal and some chicken soup.  It’s good for the soul, right?  Turns out my Mom didn’t think the oatmeal was sweet enough, but she drizzled a bit of agave nectar over a piece and loved it. 😀

Then I met my sister for lunch – it was nice to see her!  We went to Erik’s deli around the corner from her office and we each got the same thing – grilled chicken burrito on a low carb wrap, no mayo and light cheese – our guess is the burrito was 13 points – sound about right?

By now it was almost 12:30 and I hadn’t heard from my Mom’s doctor yet, so I called Tony and he said why not just drive over and find out what’s going on.  Turns out the nurse didn’t give the doctor my right cell number, and then had to go into another surgery – I didn’t get the call that my mom was in the post-op room until 90 minutes after she was done – I felt so bad for not being there for her! 🙁  The nurse called me just as I was pulling into the parking lot.

After fixing her a grilled cheese on sourdough bread, she went to take a nap and I got bizzy making her a pot of chicken noodle soup.  I don’t have a recipe for chicken noodle soup – I do use chicken backs for the stock though for flavor and I cook my noodles separately and then add them into the soup at the end.

While the chicken was cooking I looked at some of my Mom’s old cookbooks.  One of them was a Good Housekeeping Cookbook circa 1972.  Look at one of their featured recipes!

Yep, that tasty dish is called “hearty beef party salad.”  Could you imagine being at a dinner party and the hostess bringing that to the table??  How hilarious is that – I am not even sure how you would serve it!  Thanks God this isn’t 1972.  Because then I would be four. 😀

In the back of the Fannie Farmer cookbook though are hand written recipes, some from my Mom and then this one from my Dad:

I loved my Dad’s handwriting.  You can tell by the stains on the pages that this one was a keeper.  Can you see the stats in the corner that either me or my sister wrote?  This bundt cake made 24 servings at . . . 330 calories a serving!  Boy howdy, it is delicious though. 😀

And then my Momma was awake and we enjoyed a nice bowl of chicken soup with some sour dough bread – super simple but delicious.  Know how much I love my Momma?  I caremelized onions and put them in the soup!

Stats for Thursday:

  • approximately 37 points (had cheese and crackers with Tony while watching t.v.)
  • 60 minutes of sprint/walking
  • average blood sugar 152

Happy Friday!  Have any cool plans over the weekend?  We don’t have anything planned, but you know I’ll be Bizzy in my Kitchen! 😀