Steak crostini – you’ll want this recipe in your back pocket for a super quick weeknight dinner!


Thanks again for all your well wishes for Hannah and Jacob!  I’ll give you a break from wedding pics today – mainly because her friend is still editing them and Hannah hasn’t looked through all of them yet.  I crack myself up because I’ll yell from the living room “Hannah, can you ask your husband to take the garbage out?!”  I can’t believe my roommates are married!

Saturday was my favorite type of day.  Cold, rainy and stormy.  It’s almost impossible for me not to make bread.  I first made this bread recipe back in April of 2012.   I decided to make just two loaves of bread out of this recipe just to get bigger slices of bread.  There is literally only about 12 minutes of hands on time making this bread, and ten of that is kneading the bread.  You could even have your stand mixer mix it and then you could really just set it and forget it!

After it cooled a bit, a sliced it, smeared some softened butter and a drizzle of local honey – perfection.

10.16.17 016

On Sunday night I made this steak crostini for dinner with my homemade bread.  I got several DM’s on Instagram after I posted this asking for the recipe.  There isn’t really one, but here goes!

Cook 4 ounces of steak for 1.5 minutes per side, set aside.  Toast the bread.  I used Weight Watchers whipped cream cheese on the bread (about a tablespoon) and then topped that with baby spinach.  I sliced the steak, placed that on the bread, drizzled balsamic glaze and a bit of dried parsley and dinner was done.  Nothing better some nights than a 5 minute dinner!

steak crostini

Our weather has been amazing for sleeping – I love sleeping in a cold room in a comfy bed.  If Tony were alive we would have already had the heat on for a month. 😀  I was so looking forward to getting back into my walking routine with my sister, but we were both swamped.  She just ran a couple errands and ate lunch at her desk.  I didn’t eat my breakfast until 10:30 and my lunch until 3!

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day that I work for my new attorney.  I was so busy though, that I never stopped by his office (he’s on a different floor) and went with the premise that if he needed anything he knew my extension.  #klassy  But around 3:30 in the afternoon, I thought I really should go up and see if he needed anything, and turns out he was out of the office yesterday – whoop!  That was a good think because I wouldn’t have had time to do anything for him anyway.

10.16.17 038

I didn’t do a full grocery shop/meal plan this week, because after cleaning out my pantry/freezer and fridge on Sunday realized I had plenty of food.  Yesterday is one of my favorites – a picky plate breakfast with the other half of the steak leftover from my crostini above.  Cook once, eat twice!

10.16.17 043

I am going to talk about the recipe below later this week, but this is a Korean Beef bowl.  I cooked the beef in the crock pot on Sunday, then had it with sauted mushrooms, broccoli, rice, and cucumbers and red cabbage that I marinated in rice wine vinegar and sriracha.  So good!

10.16.17 046

I also made a batch of chicken tortilla stew – I am calling it a stew because I used canned cream of chicken soup instead of chicken broth, then added a paste of corn meal during the add during the last 30 minutes of cooking, so it’s nice and thick and has a hint of corn flavor.  Hannah was my stylist last night – thanks Hannah!  And truth be told, I probably ate an equal amount of those chips with salsa while the soup was heating up. 😛

10.16.17 056

Hannah and Jacob were contacted by the same breeder they got Roman from – she has a little grey Boston Terrier that is the last of a litter that hasn’t been bought – exactly what happened with Roman, and how cute is he?!   I put a poll on my Instagram Story asking if Hannah and Jacob should get this dog and as of this morning, its 48 votes yes, 10 votes no.  If they decide to get it, guess what the name would be?? Roanoke!  Rummy, Roman and Roanoke – I can’t even.

10.16.17 049

Your thoughts?  Do you think its crazy that they would have three dogs?  Jacob always wanted to get a big dog since his dog Red who passed away two years ago was a big dog – Hannah convinced him that three tiny dogs = one big one.

Alright, time to catch up on my blog reading on the rest of my train ride in.  I AM WALKING TODAY!  I just shouted that out, so it’s bound to happen. 😀