Thanks for all your birthday wishes the last couple days – and guess what?  There’s one more!  Yep, I have three birthdays in a row – today is my Momma’s 71st birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

She’s going to the symphony today, so I am meeting her on Sunday after church for lunch to celebrate. šŸ˜€

So I’ve been curious to try mussels for a while now.  I see them on blogs, etc., and they just look good.  Mind you, this is coming from someone who grew up only eating 2 vegetables (carrots and cucumbers thank you) and never had a microscopic piece of any type of seafood even come close to my mouth.

So on the menu it has mussels in either a spicy tomato broth or white wine sauce.  Um, you all know that I picked the spicy broth!

I apologize for how dark the picture and video is – it was really dark.

And now for the video proof!  I am trying to think if I’ve ever had a video of my voice before on this blog, and I don’t think so!  Next time I VLOG I promise you will actually see my face. šŸ˜€  And listening to this I really have a Chicago accent, don’t I?


Tony tasted one and he said they weren’t as briny as he remembered and promised if I ate them again I wouldn’t like them.  But I did really like them!

We had a wonderful evening out, came home to watch Big Bang Theory and the Office season premieres – oh, and I may have had a couple glasses of this!

Alright, gotta get moving this morning, so a short post – let me know what you think of the VLOG!

Make it a great day!