Well, today is the day!  My daughter graduates from high school in about 5 hours! 😀  It seems just like yesterday that we were at my step-son Joe’s graduation – but that was two years ago already!

Hannah found the cutest dress to wear under her graduation gown – the question of the day is if she’s comfortable walking in the three inch heels she bought, or is going the safe route and just wear flip flops!  Pictures will definitely be posted tomorrow!

I had the most non-Biz like breakfast yesterday!  For some reason, I fixed stuff for my lunch, but nothing for my breakfast!  Luckily I had a box of cereal in my desk drawer – and while a bit stale, not too bad.  It’s Raisin Bran with extra fiber – it had these little yogurt clusters that were good!

For lunch I had my leftover Chinese from the other night.  Although all I picked out was 4 ounces of meat.  I brought fresh broccoli, green pepper and water chestnuts, and 1/2 cup cooked white rice and made a stir-fry out of it – the meat was still so tender!  On the side was a Trader Joe’s veggie egg roll – I love that these are only 110 calories!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous when I got home.  Tony and I listened to music, then the Sox game while the grill heated up.  You know its summer when we have this beer!

I love this beer!

We also snacked on some chips and my baja salsa:

Tony and I are doing a Mexican themed Memorial Day with carne asada – he put together this marinade it was delicious!  He based it off of this recipe, but in Tony fashion, he is eyeball kind of measurer!  We are such opposites when it comes to cooking – I like to measure out everything, while he just throws in a pinch of this and a splash of that – but everything he makes is delicious!

We cooked it on both sides to get a nice crust, then finished it off on indirect heat.

While I let the meat rest, I threw on some asparagus:

My plate:

It was so good!  Definitely a keeper for Monday!

My mom is coming over to go to graduation and then out to lunch.  We have a gorgeous day so I am thankful the graduation will be outside on the football field, not crammed into a hot gym!

Happy Saturday and Congratulations Hannah!  You have such a bright future I can’t wait to see where life takes you! 😀