the most hectic work week I’ve had in a long time!  I almost had to go into work today, but no phone call yet so I am assuming I don’t have to go in! 😀

I forgot my camera yesterday, but it doesn’t matter – the food was less than exciting.  My typical egg sammie for breakfast, and pizza was ordered for lunch (eaten at my desk!) – I had three pieces of sausage, spinach and GARLIC pizza – it was really good!

I got home a little late, and didn’t have much time before heading out to our softball game – it was stormy all around, and we actually had a 30 minute lightening delay before losing our last game of the season 9-3.

We ordered Chinese food for dinner, and while I said “no onions” for Tony’s meal, I ordered the hot and spicy shrimp and forgot to ask mine with no onions! 🙁  Look at all the onions!!


I had a beer with dinner – Summer Ale – one of my favorites!


Hannah is working today, so Tony and I are going to the farm to pick up my CSA box – I have been really disappointed with what has been offered – I am definitely going to pick up the “carrot bites” if they are still there – they are ridiculously small!

And then this afternoon I am going to be in the kitchen – so happy about that!!  This is what I plan on making:


Now I am off to catch up on all of you!  Come back to see how the bread turned out! 😀