Okay I RARELY buy these prepackaged meals, but the store by me is going through a complete makeover and EVERYTHING is on sale.  This caught my eye, as did the price – $1.25! 

Since I ate breakfast so early, by 11:30 I was starving, so decided to heat this up and then save my mystery soup for later in the day. 

The verdict?  It actually wasn’t too bad!  Although the original price was $3.99, which is way overpriced.  You heat up the flatbread on this metal-like circle and it came out kind of crispy.  Of course, I added Tabasco to kick it up!

Oscar Meyer Deli-Creastions - fajita salsa
Oscar Meyer Deli-Creations - fajita beef salsa

Here is the nutrition, and although it had onions in the ingredient list (yuk!) I didn’t see/or taste any!


It will be interesting to see how this keeps me full.  Since I didn’t do my full grocery shopping over the weekend, I have hardly any fresh vegetables or fresh fruit.   If they have more of these I may get them but add fresh peppers with it to bulk it up. 

Tony is gone tonight, so you know what that means!  No Tony = Tacos!  Hannah has rehearsal for fall follies tonight so I get the house to myself!  I’ll be making my BSI recipe submission tonight and then will hopefully find some show that Tony would never watch, like sevant twins, or people with trees for hands – I am a sucker for all those shows on A&E and Discovery Health!

See you tonight!