My daughter doesn’t like meat much at all.  She’ll eat ground beef in tacos, she’ll have a ground beef burger if it is really flat and overcooked.  But I think other than Nana’s chicken (which I have tried to recreate but “it doesn’t taste like Nana’s”), this is probably her favorite chicken dish.

550 calories, 14 fat, 44 carbs, 5.3 fiber, 28 protein
550 calories, 14 fat, 44 carbs, 5.3 fiber, 28 protein

I don’t have exact measurements, because I just throw it together.  Mine has spaghetti squash on the side, daughter has whole wheat pasta (doesn’t like marinara sauce either!).

  • 4 oz. chicken parmesan
  • 4 ounce homemade pasta sauce
  • 6 ounce cooked spaghetti squash
  • 2 ounces fresh spinach
  • 1 tablespoon Paul Newman’s Caesar dressing
  • 2 glasses red wine

I decided that I am going to take an “in between” picture, i.e. what I look like today and then on the day after the Biggest Loser finale.  I’ll post both my before picture today and that picture – which I think will be in about four months?  How’s that for motivation?!

I guess my favorite discovery today was the Trader Joe’s yogurt.  I should shop there on a more regular basis.  What are your TJ food finds?


  • 1391 calories
  • 44 fat
  • 140 carbs
  • 21 fiber
  • 81 protein

I love the light by my window at work – here was my afternoon 50 calorie snack – my sugar free mocha coffee drink.

I love my yellow stock paper!
I love my yellow stock paper!

Off to watch Biggest Loser!