I still hadn’t made my quiche or scallop bisque – so yesterdays breakfast and lunch is what I like to call “throw shit in a bag and see what you can put together at work!”

I grabbed an egg to make an Arnold thin egg sammie using the last of our steak.  I got to work, started to crack the egg and nothing!  I cracked again really hard, only to realize that I grabbed one of Tony’s hard boiled eggs!  All was not lost – I sliced it and put it on my sammie – while messy, it was still good!  Oh, and I may have added Tabasco! 😀

On the side I had the best orange – although I could only eat half of this bowl because I was full!

Inspiration for lunch was when I found six frozen shrimp in my freezer – I realized I hadn’t made stir fry forever!   The base of my stir fry was yaki soba noodles – so good and only 150 calories for a 5 oz. serving!  They are already cooked – I just heated them in hot water and then drained them before adding them to the veggies.

Once at my desk I realized that it needed a bit more sauce – I should have tossed the noodles in the pan – I had a few slices of orange left, so I added about a teaspoon more of stir fry sauce and then juiced the oranges over the top – it turned out delicious!

I got a bit hungry later in the afternoon – I knew our reservation wasn’t until 7:15, so I had an ounce of sourdough pretzel nuggets.

I could hardly wait for the work day to get over with!!  I came home, changed clothes, put on some make-up and we were out the door.  First stop?  We stopped to see my steop-son Joe at work for a cocktail.  I had a glass of Fat Tire. 😀

Then we headed to the other side of the mall to Ruth’s Chris!   It’s funny – the location we went to is Tony’s old stomping grounds – he said in the 70’s and early 80’s that whole property was farm land and two lane roads – it is so built up now with malls and corporate offices!

I had a glass of Shiraz at the bar.  Now here is where my pictures go to hell in a hand basket – that is probably our only complaint that the restaurant is so dimly lit!

I went with the $40 option – you can create your own three course meal!

I chose the corn and crab chowder to start with.  Holy cow was this good!  It tasted like corn off the cob – so crunchy!  And the cream base with a hint of crab and spices on the side.  I am definitely going to try to create a healthy version of this over the summer when we get fresh corn!

We also ordered a bottle of wine – I first had this wine at an office event – its Coppola’s Claret.  It’s part of their diamond collection.  I know nothing about wine at all – that job is well taken care of by my friend Cathy at the Noble Pig!

All I know is that I like how it tastes!

I went with the six ounce filet and shrimp combo for my dinner.  OMG.  Tony and I had to ask where they get their meat from – we have never been disappointed!!  Turns out they raise their own cattle, right down to what they eat, so they have complete control of their meat.

the plates come to the table sizzling hot!

Oh, and there may be a tad bit of butter on the bottom of the plate!

for $10 more, Tony got the 11 ounce steak - his and hers! 😀

I had garlic mashed potatoes as my side, and Tony got creamed spinach.   And that creamed spinach melted in your mouth!!!

For dessert Tony had a couple bites of the chocolate cake – okay, I had a couple bites of his too – my dessert was just perfectly ripe berries!

I got brave and used the flash on this one!

Who wants to guess the tab??

Best part?? We had $150 in gift cards, so our bill was only $30+ tip – nice!!!  Thanks for a great night out Tony!

I have no idea how many calories I had, just moving on to another day! 😀  I did walk for 45 minutes yesterday though!

I am about to pull a breakfast pizza out of the oven and finally watch Glee!  Then it’s off for lunch with my twin sister and our best friends who are twins too.

Come back tomorrow for my recipe for blackened chicken pizza with creole Tabasco sauce!  😀