Cooking for One: A My Bizzy Kitchen Cookbook


I started writing this cookbook in August of 2021, thinking I’d have it published by December.  Well, let’s just say self-publishing for print (and digital and eBook) has been quite the learning curve. 

My brother gets 100% of the kudos though because without his computer knowledge (and hours and hours and hours of work!), I never would have been able to do this on my own.  He’s quite literally the best brother ever!  Thank you Charlie!

Cooking for One

The reason I wrote this cookbook is that so many people have reached out to me over the years since my husband passed away.  There was one resounding theme from people who like myself were cooking just for themselves, and they would say “why should I bother cooking if it’s just for me?!”  Well, my answer to that is: “you are worth it!”

I’ve organized the cookbook by categories:

Categories in Cooking for One: A My Bizzy Kitchen Cookbook

  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Seafood
  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • Tofu
  • Beef

Each recipe is designed to serve one person with no leftovers.  However I did include a few recipes with multiple servings when they make great leftovers or serve as an ingredient for other recipes.

How do I save money at the grocery store?

Shopping your sale flyer is key.  If chicken isn’t on sale in a particular week, I am not buying chicken.  I also am no longer buying bigger “family size” packages of meat because inevitably, I would come home, separate the meat, put it in the freezer and then probably six months later, would throw it out.

Mariano’s meat department (and most grocery stores) will have single pieces of chicken.  I can normally get a one-pound chicken breast for about $2.50, or about .62 cents a 4 ounce serving.  I know I’ll eat what I buy and there is no waste.

How do I buy Cooking for One?

We self-published the cookbook in three different formats.  Click this link to go to Amazon which is where you can buy the paperback version for $24.95, or you can get the Kindle version for $19.95.

If you prefer a digital version, you can order through Gumroad (like the first cookbook) to purchase for $19.95 and upon payment, will be sent the PDF link for immediate download to your computer.  Note:  This is digital PDF file – you will not get a print copy with this purchase.

Will the Skinny Pizza Dough Cookbook ever be in print?

Yes!  We will launch a paperback version of Skinny Pizza Dough: A My Bizzy Kitchen Cookbook (Second Edition) which has enhancements to the eBook version first published in December 2020, along with additional recipes which have been added to the cookbook.  It will be the two-year anniversary of that cookbook coming out, great for holiday gifts!  (Just sayin’) 😁. If you want to buy the original pdf of the Skinny Dough Cookbook, head straight to Gumroad.

Will there be nutritional information and WW points for the recipes?

Yes, to both!  Please note that I am not a registered dietician or have any education in nutrition whatsoever.  I used the website ( to figure out the nutrition for the ingredients I used.  Please use this as a guideline to achieve your health goals.

With each recipe you will find a QR code.  If you have a paid WW membership, simply open the QR code and it will open up the recipe in YOUR WW app.  When the program changed in 2021, every person has a different set of zero point foods.  For example, in the recipe below, I don’t have potatoes as a zero point food, so my points would be higher than someone who has potatoes as a zero point food.  The beauty of having the QR codes is that every time the WW plan changes, the code will never be out of date – it will automatically adjust to any WW program from now until the end of time.

This is a recipe card from the cookbook Cooking for One


If you have any questions, I would love to answer them!  You can leave a comment here or email me at:

As always, thank you for your continued support over the years – I truly appreciate it!