I brought some of my Elvis banana cream protein pancakes to work yesterday – I decided to heat this one up in the toaster and it was slightly crisp on the outside, yet super fluffy on the inside.  And what goes better with steak than beef!  Breakfast came in at 8 smart points.

5.31.17 005

I had a work lunch, but as luck would have it, there wasn’t a whole lot of room on the conference room where the lunch was being held, so I was able to grab my food, eat it at my desk, and then get my walking shoes on for the rest of my lunch hour.  

It was catered by Zoup – I’d never had their soup before, but I know my sister has had several of their soups and has liked each one.  I chose the fiery chicken enchilada soup and it was amazing – super spicy, yet creamy.  7 smart points for that serving size.  I grabbed a salad and used a tablespoon of my light Olive garden dressing for 1 point – making lunch 8 points.

5.31.17 019

The fountains are turned on at Millennium Park.  I love Crown Fountain.   I sent these pics to my blog reader friend Kym and I think she was a bit creeped out about how the faces move!

5.31.17 022

5.31.17 025

5.31.17 033

While my soup was delicious, it was only 190 calories and around 4 p.m. I was hungry again, so ate another pancake (4) and 2 ounces of deli ham (1).

5.31.17 035

I declared a 30 day challenge on the blog yesterday that starts today – June 1.  How they hell is it June already?  My plan is to not binge eat crap anymore.  And I am taking baby steps every day to make sure that happens.  Instead of telling myself that I have no control because I want to eat all the gummies, I am turning my negative thinking into a positive way of thinking.  My mantra this month?  I AM COMMITTED.  Committed to treating myself and my body better.  I am reharnessing the determination I had the first two months of the year, and it begins again with the food tracking and journaling.  I hadn’t finished tracking my food yesterday when I took this screen shot, but even though a holiday weekend, I tracked everything.  I AM COMMITTED!

5.31.17 040

I hardly every meal plan during a holiday week, but I knew I had plenty of food in my house.  Last night I kept going back and forth “do I want tacos or pasta?”  Once I found these mini beef ravioli in the freezer, pasta won.  My store sells their own brand of ravioli that is 7 smart points for one cup, which is a pretty generous serving.  I bulked my dinner up with zucchini and my zero point marinara.

5.31.17 053

I am on my way to meet my sister for our weekly weigh in.  I am bound and determined to make it to my meeting today – work got in the way last week.  One of the women I follow on WW, Jane is now a youtube vlogger, and she said whatever you do, don’t miss the meeting this week because of the topic.  You should check out her youtube channel, she’s pretty funny.

You’ll have to follow me on Instagram to find out how I did today at WI (mybizzykitchen).  Make it a great day!