If I were to search my blog and see how many times I’ve said “hit the reset button!” or “the switch is now on!” I would probably have a million dollars and could have retired by now.  But, such is the case.  Since working from home and so close to my kitchen, I’ve been making all the things.  The only problem with that is that I normally only had time on a weeknight pre-COVID to make dinner, do a couple things around the house, watch a 30 minute t.v. show and go to bed.

Now I clock out at 5 and I can easily recipe develop two dishes, taste test and THEN eat dinner.

A week ago Saturday I got on the scale and was like “um, excuse me?”  Last week I walked more, drank water rather than wine, but didn’t go crazy with trying to be perfect.  I was mindful.  And I lost 1.4 pounds.  And it wasn’t that hard.  And I know this.  Yet somehow I still get back on that hamster wheel thinking that the way I used to do things (that got me to 190 pounds) will somehow work in my favor.  But I know that doesn’t work.

I really don’t know what all those numbers mean, but what I realized during the week I first stepped on it, and 7 days later – is that because numbers fluctuate so much, I only stepped on the scale a week later.  My weigh in is normally on Saturday’s and there have been some weeks where I step on the scale on Thursday and see I am down 2.0 pounds and think “well, I guess I can have an extra glass of wine and some pizza!”

So I am being mindful.  Nothing more and nothing less.


I had a great weekend.  It was really the first full weekend by myself in the house without Hannah, Jacob or my Mom over.  It was . . . quiet.  And weird.  And quiet.  But guess what?  I could listen to music all day long without air pods – that was wonderful!  I also got up early on Saturday morning and made a pot of coffee, did my WW zoom in the kitchen and didn’t have to worry about being too noisy to wake anyone up.

After my WW meeting I hit up the local farmers market for first time this summer.  Farm fresh eggs will forever be worth the $5 a dozen.  Side note:  save these eggs for scrambled eggs or omelets – don’t waste these in a recipe because you won’t tell.

I spoke to a lovely young man at this farmstand – Waypoint Farm.  Each bag of little gem romaine was only $2!  I quickly grabbed two.  He was so passionate about his produce – #love.   I hope to spend more time talking with him next week – it was about to storm as I grabbed my two bags of romaine.

I made another shitty video on my YouTube channel!  This time I showed how to make my KFC chicken nuggets.  So so good.

My new column for The Daily Herald will be posted the week of 4th of July, but my article shows how you can host a BBQ for 8 people on a budget – I made chicken legs, corn salad, grilled potato fries and a strawberry tomato salsa – all for $23.11.  Here is a sneak peak for that article.

It’s funny but since Sunday was just a regular day for me – no father’s day celebrations, I made this dinner for 8 thinking I would just bring it over to my neighbors house.  How rude would that have been to barge in on their father’s day!  So I’ll be having leftovers this week.  Not that I am complaining because this was delicious.

All in all it was a great weekend.  Getting used to this new normal of living by myself.  The longest I’ve lived alone is three weeks before Hannah and Jacob moved in after my husband died in December 2014.  In another week I’ll break that record – ha!

I’ve yet to walk around my house naked, but I have walked from my bedroom to the bathroom in just my underwear and bra, so that’s a start!

Come back tomorrow for “What I Eat in A Day” on #teampurple – it was a delicious day!  Until then, be well.