Happy Friday!  We made it.  Whew!  This seemed like a long week for me for some reason.  It’s been so chilly in Chicago this week that I had oatmeal twice.  If you are not making your oatmeal with almond milk, you should be.  It’s only 30 calories for a cup of unsweetened almond milk and makes them so creamy.  I topped with a couple tablespoons of Safe + Fair blueberry cinnamon granola for a 6 point breakfast. 

Don’t forget to use my discount code:  BIZ25 at check out to save 25% and free shipping until the end of the month. 😀

The Biz and Jenn show was back on the air!  It was the first day of the farmers market at Daley Center – I had two things on my list – River Valley Kitchens mushrooms and Phoenix Bean tofu.

How gorgeous are these mushrooms?  And to think I never like them until about 5 years ago – so if you haven’t tried something as an adult that you told yourself you didn’t like, give it another go!  Jenn and my Mom still want to throw up in their mouth at the thought of mushrooms.  Charlie, do you like mushrooms?

If you find Phoenix Bean around the Chicagoland area – buy it, it’s the best tofu in the city.

Remember the grilled chicken I made on Sunday for meal prep?  I used the last of it yesterday for this chicken and pasta dish.  Six points for the cup of pasta, 1 point for the sauce, the grilled chicken and spinach.  I cooked the pasta, sauce and spinach for one minute, then added the chicken and it only took 30 seconds to finish cooking.  Remember, don’t cook your protein to perfection during meal prep – when you reheat it later in the week it will taste like ass.  Cook until about 75% and you’ll have perfect protein when you reheat it.  This chicken was still juicy and delish.

Hannah and her friend Krista were cooking for a lunch function last night, but I was able to squeeze in and make this quick tofu dinner.  Leftover spaghetti, the tofu, red pepper, mushroom and spinach.  So good!  I just used some of the marinade for the sauce – which I called 2 points – the spaghetti weighed out to 4 points, so not too bad for a 6 point dinner.

Somehow my gym pictures didn’t download right – but my blood sugar was only 112 before dinner, so I skipped taking insulin and that worked out great.

I started out with a 1000 meter row (new to Planet Fitness!), did 20 minutes of lower body and finished it off with a 1.5 mile walk.  I didn’t eat like an asshole yesterday – whoop!!


I love how far my skinny pizza dough recipe has gotten.  My Instagram friend Lana lives in Newfoundland (and sadly, I had to google where that is) had her friend in England ask for the recipe for my skinny pizza dough. 

I love being tagged in posts in France, where they talk in French and then say in English “skinny pizza dough.”  Love. 

It’s Mothers Day weekend!  I have to enjoy this time of year because I know I’ll blink and it will be Labor Day again.  This has felt like the longest winter in a long time.

I’l be doing something with my Mom on Sunday – not sure what yet.  We both said we didn’t want to do anything fancy – I hate going to brunches where you feel like you are being rushed.  The gift to each other is just being together!

Happy Friday friends – make it a great day!