My weekend in L.A. was amazing, but I am still working on my blog posts about it because I don’t want to rush my thoughts.  Everything was amazing, from flying first class for the first time (um, that’s amazing!) to the accommodations to this amazing company that I have the privilege of working with – stay tuned – I promise to fill you in!

On Saturday morning, the owner of the company recommended to Erica and I that we go to Cafe Buna in Marina Del Rey.

We ordered a few things to share, and I wasn’t paying attention because I didn’t hear Erica order the corn flake crusted french toast – what?  I’d never heard of that.  We had one slice of french toast, and she ate her half and I was like “I’ll just take a bite of it” and proceeded to eat the whole other half.”

I knew Sunday morning that I could recreate it.  When Erica and Dan left for Florida I got a lot of the fridge and pantry items, and corn flakes was one of the cereals I knew I had.  I decided to kick it up a notch by making a pumpkin pie stuffed french toast and it was the best decision evah!

I used Healthy Life bread – which is 1 point per slice no matter how many slices you have.  Once I smeared the Alouette pumpkin pie spice cheese on the bread, I cut the sandwich into three french toast sticks.

Then dipped each stick in the pumpkin pie spiced egg mixture on both sides.

Then coated the french toast sticks in a corn flake/truvia blend.  Sprayed with avocado spray and air fried for 6 minutes.

I used Dak’s pumpkin spice in the egg mixture – so good!  Guys – these were amazing.  Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside – I put everything into the WW builder and one sammie, or 3 french toast sticks, are 4 WW points.


I wasn’t sure I’d feel up to it, but I went to my friends Pumpkin Fest Parade – it’s literally Tina’s favorite holiday of the year – over Christmas too!  So happy to see her and Kelly too – Happy Birthday Kelly!

And Tina’s 5th grade teacher, Nancy – who Jenn and I had lunch with a couple weeks ago, was there too – so great to see you again Nancy!

And now it’s back to reality.  You can read more about Drew Logan (the man in the middle of this pic) here.  And Joel on the left hand crafted candles in memory of his Mom in our swag bag – I’ll post a picture of it soon because it’s amazing.

I had so much fun hanging out with Bobby (FlavCity) and Erica’s sister Melissa.  And of course, my bestie Erica.  

Friday this was my view!  This morning it was 42 degrees and all the leaves on my front yard tree are gone.  Oh well – back to reality!

Happy Monday – make it a great day!