My sister and I had the chance to meet a fellow WW who was in town to visit her daughter from out of town.   Nancy actually found me through my friend Tina – Nancy was Tina’s 5th grade teacher!  She was so awesome, spunky, down to earth and reminded me a lot of my Mom.  She’s been a retired teacher/school administrator for the last 7 years and enjoys traveling.  Oh, and she’s also lost 50 pounds this year!

We decided on The Dearborn because it’s close to my office.  Nancy got a little lost, so I ended up taking an hour and a half lunch – no worries, just made it up at the end of the day.  It was worth it!

What was also worth it was my lunch – a pastrami reuben and it was spectacular.  I ate half the sandwich and a few fries, and counted lunch at 15 points.  But I had a hard boiled egg and fruit for breakfast (0 points) which left me with 8 points for dinner.  I made it work!

This risotto is for my next Chopping Block post, so won’t be posted for a couple weeks – it’s made with zucchini, mushrooms and apples and it screams fall.  Half a cup of that was 3 points, then I had 4 points of beef.  And ended my day with 22 points.  

In more exciting news – Safe + Fair Honeycrisp Apple Pie is back in stock!!  The last batch went by so fast – so get it while the getting is good.  I’ve already done the math for you – if you buy 5 bags you’ll get free shipping with my discount code Biz25.  Unopened they are shelf stable for a year so stock up now while you can.  This is my favorite granola of all!

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Happy Tuesday friends – make it a great day!