Some days I’ll be scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and a recipe stops me in my tracks – like Taylor’s Banana Tumeric Muffins.  First of all, I’ve never used tumeric before.  But that didn’t mean I didn’t have it on hand.  If you are a condiment, spice whore like me, you have everything “just in case.”  I think I bought it to make tumeric golden milk – who knows, all I know was that I had everything to make these muffins the night before last, and these were going down.

And Taylor, I am sorry I scribbled over your face. 

I also think I bought tumeric because it has anti-inflammatory properties, but I think you would need to use a teaspoon A DAY to see any effects.  

How gorgeous do those look?!

Monday night, I made her recipe, with the few changes am posting below in the recipe card – but I used regular flour instead of oat flour.  Last night I decided to use oat flour – I simply ground up quick oats until it was like a flour consistency.

Oh, another big change in her recipe – I thought I was using dates, but in fact, I was using PRUNES!  Not kidding.  As I was going to the office yesterday, someone direct messaged me on what to look for in the grocery store for dates for this recipe.  It suddenly struck me, when the hell would I have ever bought dates?!  I texted Hannah and she confirmed, I did in fact, use pitted prunes in this recipe.  šŸ˜›

That would be a pitted prune, not a date. šŸ˜€

You just put the prunes, banana and cashew milk (she used almond milk, but I had cashew milk on hand) and blend until smooth.

It’s kind of like a prune smoothie!

I also added more seasonings to mine – tumeric, cinnamon, ginger and allspice.  It smelled so amazing!

The batter is so fluffy.  Monday night I made 6 as her recipe stated, last night I decided to double the recipe.

This one is from Monday night – using flour instead of oat flour.

This one is the one I made last night, using oat flour – that was the only difference between my two recipes was the type of flour.  How interesting about not only the color of the muffins, but the dramatic texture between the two.  I LOVE the flavor of both – but much prefer the regular flour version.  But, my gluten-free friends, the second one is gluten free!


I had one of the flour muffins for breakfast yesterday on my picky plate.  I saved it for last.  Breakfast was 6 points.


My roommates let me know that we are out of Copycat Vanilla Bean scones.  I am out of my vanilla bean paste, which is what I use in the glaze.  Holy balls – that lone vanilla bean pod was $9!!!  Okay – I just realized there were two beans in there, but still!

I had a bunch of people send me links to find vanilla beans much cheaper, I’ll have to check that out.

Lunch was leftover chicken enchiladas with a side salad.  8 points total.

My sister and I decided to do a Q&A yesterday on my IG page – I thought I only got one question – which was, does my twin sister have diabetes?  Nope!

I thought that was our only questions, but turns out I wasn’t looking in the right spot and we’ve got several dozen questions!   We are going to answer them on our lunch today. šŸ˜€

Lately I’ve been eating a giant sliced apple on the train ride home.  That good habit is replacing potato chips and wine like I used to eat!  I was so intent on making the muffins and wasn’t really hungry, that I didn’t eat this soup until nearly 9.  I tried to make an enchilada soup out of the leftovers from the filling from my enchiladas – this needs work, but it wasn’t bad for soup that was literally ready in 5 minutes.

One good thing about eating dinner later, I wasn’t tempted to raid the pantry!  I’ve been trying to rid myself of the habit of “I need something after dinner” mentality.  It’s a struggle some nights, especially when my roommates have oreos and Doritos in there.  I just have to remind myself, if I didn’t buy it, I can’t eat it!

Happy Wednesday my friends – make it a great day!