Today my Dad would have been 81 years old – but he died at age 59 – a month before his 60th birthday.

What’s weird is that I am 51 years old now, and that picture of my Dad on the beach – Mom, Jenn and Charlie – help me out – but my guess is he was 55?

I see this picture every year in my TimeHop, but it’s one of my favorites – Hannah loved taking naps with Poppy, and I remember taking this picture thinking “Hannah is going to be 6 feet tall – look at those long legs!”  She was just a tall . . . 5th grader.  She was 5.3 at age 10 and never grew another inch.  By high school she was one of the shortest ones.

I am so happy that Hannah and I lived with my parents at the time because she’s really the only grandchild that has strong memories of my Dad.  He was such a cheerleader to Hannah and I know he would have done the same with all his grandkids given the chance.

Sending hugs to you in heaven Dad!  Happy Birthday!