I don’t know what it is about hotel pillows, but they are the best.  I literally lay my head down, no adjusting, just sink into that fluffy goodness of a pillow.

Well, guess what – you can buy hotel pillows!  The pillows I slept on can be found at Kimpton Style – the pillows I slept on were the down alternative – I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that they were down!  And not too bad price wise, I’ve seen more expensive pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond!

I only ate a banana and coffee for breakfast yesterday morning.  I wasn’t that hungry so didn’t force myself to eat – what?!  

Jenn and I walked Macy’s – it was chilly in Chicago.  All of the winter outwear is not on steep discount – that rabbit hair pancho?  Originally priced $1195 – but 60% off.  It’s so soft if I wore it I’d be feeling myself up all day.

I put that on my Instagram story yesterday, and a couple people said “if it’s still there tomorrow I am going to buy it!” 

The best part about going to Formento’s is leaving with the leftovers.  Holy balls, I almost think the leftovers were better than when I first ate it.  I heated up the sugar snap peas, the mushrooms and the last of the bucatini.  If you haven’t tried bucatini, you need to.  You can find it in most grocery stores.  It’s a hollow noodle that is amazeballs with sauce.

I forgot that Hannah and Jacob dropped me off on Sunday and I didn’t have my car.  I just got on the train and Hannah called and said “what time do you get in.”  Huh.  Then I realized it’s because she had to pick me up!

She told me that Jacob made soup, and holy balls did he make a soup.  It was a beef short rib soup with veggies – the broth was so good.  But here’s the thing, Jacob just cooks as he goes.  No measuring, he goes by taste.  He said he spent 4 hours on the soup until it was just right.  

Hannah loosely wrote down the ingredients, and I hope to be able to publish this recipe for you guys – because it is that amazing.  I made a 5 point grilled cheese on the side and it was the perfect dinner on a chilly May night.

I used LaBrea bread (2 ounces is 3 points), Trader Joe’s light mozzarella and a teaspoon of butter and avocado oil spray and cooked the grilled cheese low and slow with a lid on.  Is there anything better than cheesy, buttery bread?!

I’ve been getting so many tags about people loving their Safe + Fair orders – I love how Alyssa opened not one, but all three bags of the granola the same day she got them. 😀  You have until the end of the month to save 25% off your order, as well as free shipping.  Just use my code Biz25 at checkout. 

You can find all their products here.

Happy Tuesday friends, make it a great day!