Yesterday my philosophy was to just keep my head down at work, do the work, and not let crabby people make me crabby.  It worked!  I forgot Jenn took the day off for doctors appointments, so I walked by myself at lunch, listened to my music and it was glorious.

As I was on the train ride home yesterday, I was thinking what to make for dinner.  I thought I was going to be out of town this weekend Thursday through Sunday, so didn’t meal plan much.  You know I love that challenge!

I roasted delicata squash and decided to make delicata squash wontons inspired by my friend Tina from Shredded Sprout.  

I didn’t want to make these asian flavored – because I knew I’d be making a spicy dip for these.  I added spinach and artichoke Alouette cheese in the filling – best idea ever because it was a great compliment to the delicata squash.

If you haven’t tried that flavor yet of Alouette, it’s so good!  But any flavor would work well in this recipe.

I wrote this recipe for 4 servings of 8 wontons each.  You most likely will have leftover filling.  I used  a heaping teaspoon in each wonton.

I do the frying first, then add the water – still get a crispy crust.  

While I ate these for dinner, this would be a great appetizer at a party because the wontons can be made well in advance.  Just cover them with plastic wrap so they don’t dry out.

I still have filling left and think I may add that to a mini quiche??  Or stuffed into shrimp and deep fried?  What would you do with the leftover filling??

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!