Yesterday at work was a shit show.  It didn’t help that my blood sugar was low because I wish I were joking that I really wanted to say F YOU and walk right out.  Cooler heads prevailed.  I’ve declared it already that today is going to be a great day, so it will be. 😀

The hightlight of my day was taking my co-worker out to lunch.  He’s Hannah’s age – super sweet, great work ethic.  Our office services is a separate company – they don’t work for our firm.  And I guess they don’t get paid very well.  I asked if he wanted to go out for a burger at The Kitchen and he said he had to wait a couple paychecks before he could go.  I told him that since I invited him, I would have to pay – so he couldn’t argue!
The burgers at The Kitchen are amazing, but I wanted to try some new stuff.  These rock fish lightly battered lettuce fish tacos with watermelon radish homemade tartar sauce and pickled onions (which I immediately gave to Alex!) were amazing.  So light and refreshing with a squeeze of fresh lime over the top.

And you guys know how much I love to have balls in my mouth!  These Cast Iron Lamb Meatballs  were made with viking lamb, pork, moroccan-spiced tomato sauce, feta, mint – the light tomato sauce was amazing.  I ate all the tacos, one of the meatballs and a couple fries.

Alex got the burger and as soon as he saw his plate, he said “is that housemade ketchup?!”  Yep!   He loved the burger.   The Kitchen in located on Clark Street on the river and has outdoor seating as well on the river.  I literally have been there three times in the last three weeks and not mad about that at all.

Guys!!  Safe + Fair has their new seasonal granola – Honeycrisp Apple Pie – and it’s spectacular.  I thought that nothing could beat my favorite Blueberry Cinnamon, but this one jumped to the top.  It’s seasonal meaning once they sell out, it’s gone, so if you think you’d like to try it, I’d jump on that bandwagon – click here to get 25% off this granola and any other product with my code.

I had to laugh because Justin and I dropped our THIRD video yesterday, and neither one of us noticed that the kitchen cabinets behind us were open the whole video.  We are so professional!

You can watch that video here.

We have one more video to drop next week, then I head up the first weekend in October to crank out four more videos – our theme – SOUPS!  Maybe this series he’ll actually let me cook 😀

Hannah and I FaceTimed with my sister last night – laughing is always good for the soul!  

And I made pizza for dinner.  Which also makes me happy.  I am loving my new Baking Steel Pro which came with a cherry wood pizza peel – I love it!  The Baking Steel has been the only product I’ve used to create restaurant quality pizza in a regular home oven.  Yes, the pro series is $169 – but once you have this, you won’t order pizza out anymore – seriously you won’t.  If you order pizza for your family once a week for $40, that’s $2080 dollars a year – on pizza!  If you buy this I’ll save you about $1900 a year – you’re welcome. 

Happy Wednesday friends – make it a great day!