I never thought I was a control freak, but I am beginning to think I am.  My work and home life has been out of control for several weeks, and its really starting to get to me.  Somehow my desk has become a dumping ground for stuff my attorneys need, but don’t want to keep in their offices.  Need to figure that out as I hate a messy work area, and was so looking forward to moving into new digs where I could start from scratch on a clean new desk.  Hopefully that will resolve itself in the next couple weeks, but I just want to cry when I turn the corner and see all the boxes piled in, on, around and under my desk.

In other news, Hannah and Jacob will not be moving out as planned.  They were working with a lender, who got fired after the first couple weeks they were working with him, but the owner of this lending company took over their loan.  The kids qualified for a local county first home buyers grant which would grant them $7500, which would basically cover all their closing costs, attorneys fees, etc.

Their closing was supposed to be tomorrow, but the lender called two days ago to let them know that because of their anticipated student loans (which they haven’t started repaying yet, since they are still taking classes), they no longer qualified for the first time grant, but not to worry, they would just have to bring $8003 to closing and everything will go as planned.  They already had a $4000 nest egg going into the closing, but that was their safety net money.  The lender kept saying “don’t you have family that will give you $8000?”  But they are adament about doing this all on their own, so they will be with me for a while longer.

If you know Hannah personally, you know she’s an organizing freak, and a planner on top of that.  For the past several weeks I’ve not been able to use my dining room or half my living room, because that’s where all their boxes of stuff for the move was going.   It seems chaos is all around me, and I have to somehow not let it bother me because I know it’s only temporary.  I am still happy the kids are going to be with me – but let’s face it, I am extra happy that the dogs will be with me for a while longer too!


I think its BS that I have to wear a winter coat to work in May. 

5.3.17 002

I had some time to kill before getting on the train and treated myself to some coffee.  Have you guys heard of this coffee before?  It’s really good – $2.90 for a large.  

5.3.17 003

I kicked my breakfast parfait up a notch and added 1/2 a Premier protein bar to my parfait.  I swear there is Chobani under there!  Chobani (2), banana and strawberry (0) and half the protien bar chopped up like mini baby snicker croutons – I swear that’s just what it tastes like to me (4).  This kept me full for a long time too.

5.3.17 005

My sister and I got our walking shoes on and headed to the Riverwalk.  Jacky, I had to laugh at your Instagram pics because I think we must have passed you without knowing it – seems you were there around the same time we were.  On Wednesday’s they open the bridges so that boats can get to the marina out of winter storage.  There were about seven boast with tall masts waiting to get through.

5.3.17 024


5.3.17 028

I had made pork to make a sandwich that I cooked off the night before last.  I left it on the pan to cool, then never came back into the kitchen to put it away.  I had every intention of getting a cup of soup at Hannah’s Bretzel, but none of the soups sounded good (except maybe the avocado pea – that one ingrigued me) so I went with what they called an “angry tofu sandwich.”  The only thing about this sandwich was that the bread was delicious but the rest of it made me angry.  Why did I think putting tofu on a sandwich was going to be a good thing?  In a stir fry – totally get that.  But this was too much the same texture.  I ate the top bun and the tofu separately, and ate the veggies I brought.  I called lunch 7 points for what I ate.

5.3.17 031

I am night secretary on Wednesday’s, and at 4:30 no one signed up so I thought I would have to stay late.  At 4:45 I got an email from the office manager scheduling two hours with an attorney.  So I didn’t get home until 9:00 p.m.  But, I came home to some popcorn loot! Everyone in Chicago knows Garrett’s popcorn, but I guess this popcorn company has been around since the 1890s!  They sent me a gift box to try out their popcorn, gave me a couple movies, a throw blanket and even a box of tissues if I happen to be watching a sappy movie!  If you’ve never had “The Mix” it’s the best of both worlds – combination of cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn – its that sweet and salty combo that is perfection.  I haven’t scanned the bags yet to get the points yet, but I’ll be sharing this with the kadults.

5.3.17 049

5.3.17 056

I had every intetion of cooking off the rest of the pork that I had in the fridge and steaming some green beans, but the kids had just ordered pizza and Hannah said “Mom, I got you some with pepperoni” and that was that.  I had 17 points going into dinner, so I am not going to worry about it.  Probably not the best meal to eat the night before weigh in though!

5.3.17 057

I am on the early train to meet up with my sister for our Weekly WI.  Again, no idea how I will do.  I didn’t eat that much last weekend because I really didn’t have an appetite, so we’ll see.  

Question of the Day:  Do you consider yourself a control freak?  Curious! 

Make it a great day!