I had the best day Saturday.  I first met Justin (check out his blog here) (check out his Instagram here) (check out his YouTube here). 

I first met him about 8 weeks ago at a brunch with my fellow friend Jake and another woman Heidi – we all just hit it off – we met for brunch at 11 and left at 3 when they closed the restaurant.  Justin and I talked about collaborating together on something, but you know how that goes – you say “we should do something” and then nothing happens.

I decided to make a plan – let me come up to you and we can make some videos and see how it goes.  Labor Day weekend worked for both of us, and even though he lives in Wisconsin, it was a short hour drive to his house.

Did I mention that Justin is vegan?  And that he’s lost 190 pounds?!  He’s not a gym rat, he used the app LoseIt to watch his calorie intake, he mostly rides a bike for exercise, and he probably loves to cook as much if not more than I do.

He had all the photo equipment set up, we got our four recipes that we wanted to make, made a quick trip to the grocery store, and we were ready to go!

First recipe is our first released video!  Edible Cookie Dough made with chickpeas!  It’s so crazy because it tastes like cookie dough.  The only substitutions I did to Justin’s recipe was to use 3 tablespoons powdered peanut butter (2) and subbed in sugar free pancake syrup for the sweetener, and used Lilly’s sugar free chocolate chips (2).  The whole recipe using a can of chickpeas is only 4 points, or 1 point per serving.

We learned all about the differences of tofu – the refrigerated ones vs. the ones on the shelf.  We marinated and baked some and that was delicious – promise recipe coming for that soon.

And even though Justin got the memo that I don’t like onions, in the tofu scramble? He used white onions, green onions and chives.  

We also made cashew queso and cashew sour cream – both amazing.  While the points are high (20 points for 3 cups) you only need a drizzle of each.  

My favorite dish of the day – tofu tacos with avocado, red pepper, lime and the queso and sour cream – so good!  We will post this recipe soon.

We started filming around 10 and finished at 3:30.  It went by in a blink!  I still had to get steps in for my step bet, so I walked around Kenosha – such a cute city!

So I guess my piece of advice in this post is that nothing will happen if you don’t make it happen.  We probably could have talked about doing something for a year “remember how we wanted to do some videos?”  Life is always busy – he’s married and has two small kids, but we made it work and I am excited for you guys to see the next three videos we made.  Stay tuned!

Make it a great day – and don’t eat like an asshole.