My friend Jeana was downtown for a conference on Monday night and wanted to know if I wanted to get together for dinner – yes please!  I didn’t eat like an asshole over the weekend, so I still had 11 points for my day plus 27 weeklies – nice!

The Smith just opened in River North about a month ago – it’s been on my list, and as luck would have it, Jeana’s hotel and conference were walking distance.

One of the first items that caught my eye the second I checked out the menu online, was the potato chips with blue cheese fondue.  Holy balls.  This appetizer was only $7 and the serving was huge!  I literally brought 2/3 of this home with me – and can’t wait to get into the kitchen to recipe develop a skinny version of this.

And because I am the burger queen of Chicago, I felt it was my duty to get the burger at The Smith, you know, for the sake of all of you who want to have a good burger in Chicago if you live here or are coming to visit. 

This was their Burger Supreme:  prime beef, gruyère, watercress, red onion, green peppercorn sauce, brioche bun, fries

Guys – this hit all of my criteria for the perfect burger:  medium rare, flavorful patty, soft bun, burger to bun ratio and not too many condiments.  I also need to know how to make that green peppercorn sauce. 

And they served this ketchup with the fries – so good!  It has lime juice in it!  My New York friends – is this a New York ketchup??

Jeana got the brick pressed chicken – it looked amazing!

I loved the decor, the menu, the service.  I can’t wait to go back to try their pizza and mac n cheese.  Each night they have a “blue plate special” and Monday night was chicken Parmesan and it looked amazing.

Love that this place is only a few blocks from my office – after posting some of these pics on Instagram, already have people wanting to go with for my next visit.

And this is one of the best burgers I’ve had in the city that I’ve tried so far. 

You can check out their menu here.

Happy Wednesday friends – sorry this didn’t post yesterday, but better late than never, right?!