Oh hi!  Um, this was supposed to post yesterday.  I thought I published it from the train yesterday, but the internet kicks me off sometimes, and well, it never published.  

Better late than never!  I am doing a giveaway of the following items my friend Jules from Instagram makes – you can see all her creations here – super talented!  She made this set for me and I am giving away an identical set to one of you!

These tea towels are so pretty – I love how she gets my sense of humor!

I love this notebook.  I post pictures of sunlight on my Instagram stories – with the caption “find your light.”  What that basically means is that every day, there is something that brings you joy.  It can be as simple as a cup of hot coffee, or spending time with your child, or finding out what your passion is and not give up.

Last, but not least, the “Don’t Eat Like An Asshole.”  One of my trademark sayings – I have this hanging in my kitchen. 😀

To enter, simply tell me how long you’ve been following me – for some it could be a couple weeks, for others it could be 11 years! 😀  

I’ll pick a winner on Monday.  Have an amazing weekend!