Yesterday morning I woke up at 7:07.  Hannah went to work early and the dogs came in with me.  My alarm was set, and somehow I turned it off instead of hitting snooze.  Guess what time I have to leave for work?  7:20!  I made it though – the beauty of having an hour train ride is that I can put my makeup on the train.  Since I didn’t have time to make coffee at home, I stopped at the coffee shop across from the train platform.  He asked if I had my punch card, and I told him that my change purse got stolen, so I lost it, and he filled in half a new punch card and told me the coffee was on him – so nice!!

10.31.17 001

I bring you food eaten at my desk!  Around 10:45 I put this together – egg white toast with Weight Watchers American cheese – 4 points for the bread, 1 for the egg white and 3 for the cheese.  I am loving this LaBrea seeded bread – I found it at Jewel – so good!

10.31.17 006

Around 3:30 I finally heated up my lunch – leftovers from the night before.  I will post the sweet potato hash recipe when I have a better picture of it – it’s so good though!  5 points for the pork, 3 for the sweet potatoes.

10.31.17 011

My sister left work early to hang out trick or treat candy.  My brother left work early because his daughter was throwing a Halloween party.  Me?  I had to work late.  This is what I look like when I don’t get to join in all the Halloween fun.  #snapchatfilter

10.31.17 014

This is how my sister feels about me working late:

10.31.17 018

And this is how my brother feels about me working late:

10.31.17 019

I caught the 7:30 train home, which gets me home at 8:45.  I didn’t leave for lunch, so it was just a long ass day.  I got Popeyes chicken fingers, no sides (well, they threw in a biscuit even though I asked them not to – I just licked it and threw it out :D)  3 fingers is 8 weight watchers points, and I am going to add 1 point for the buffalo sauce.

10.31.17 020

There was a slight delay on the train ride home, so I made it home at 9 – at least I got to see a Halloween moon!

10.31.17 041

Today is going to be busy too – at least the days are going by fast!   I can’t believe its November 1 already – we’ll be counting down the new year before we know it.  Make it a great day!