I puffy heart anything red velvet.  And I know it’s just chocolate, but I love the color of it.  When Safe + Fair sent this to me, I first made it for a birthday at my office and they were so good!  Only they are 11 points for one brownie – mind you, about 280 calories for those 11 points, but obviously high in sugar.

So I’ve been using the mix sparingly to make other things with it, while being point friendly.

In case you missed it:

Red Velvet Protein Smoothie

Red Velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet BBQ Sauce

and Red Velvet Nice Cream – and now Red Velvet Donuts!

I love how the batter turns pink when I add the liquid ingredients.

Mix just until combined.  I added the batter to a ziploc bag and Hannah was my sous chef that day and piped them into my mini donut tray – I got exactly 24 mini donuts out of this batter.

How cute are these?!

We brushed on the glaze so that you got the taste of the glaze in each bite, but it wasn’t dripping in glaze,  making each mini donut 1.5 points.  I don’t count the sprinkles 😀

These are delicious – light, fluffy and two hit the spot for my donut jones.

Give them a try!  And don’t forget to use my discount code Biz25 at check out to get 25% off your order + free shipping until the end of the month.

You can check out their products here.  Word on the street is that they still have Key Lime Pie Granola left – grab yours while you can!