I went to Weight Watchers on Saturday knowing I’d have a gain, but I didn’t care.  I need those weekly meetings to get inspiration and I love my leader.  Even the back up leaders are amazing.  I was up two pounds, making me +.6 for 2018.  Hooray for the Queen of Maintenance!

But here’s the deal, I haven’t really given this new plan 100% of my attention, and it obviously shows on the scale.  Some people might think “wow, she’s spent over $200 to not lose any weight.”  But I don’t see it that way.  I see it as I’ve spent $200 to not gain 20 pounds, which could easily have happened if I hadn’t been following the plan – even if not at 100%.

The weekly had a recipe on the back for a red pepper, mozzarella omelette, and I decided to make that for breakfast when I got home.  I stopped at the store to pick up a jar of roasted red pepper and fresh basil.  I did tweak the recipe a bit – I like adding plain Greek yogurt to my eggs, I think it makes them extra creamy and fluffy.

I also made this into a frittata.


roasted red pepper frittata

This is a keeper – and I love how customizable it is – add chopped spinach, bacon bits – the possibilities are endless.

This is a shitty picture, but this habachi chef we had on Saturday night was hilarious.  We were celebrating!  Jacob got his bachelors degree (graduating summa cum laude – so proud of him!) in criminal psychology and starts his masters program today, and Hannah starts a new job today!

She and Jacob are actually working at the same place – a large mortgage company.  Hannah is so excited having a desk job (I can only think how organized her desk is going to be!) and having normal hours instead of having to get up at 4:30 in the morning to open the coffee shop.


Jacob’s Mom came with us and it was a fun night.  So much food though – after the soup, salad and eating a bit of rice, I hardly had room for the steak and shrimp.  

Which was surprising how hungry I was when I woke up yesterday.  Breakfast tacos for the win!  I used an ounce of leftover beef taco meat, canned corn, roasted red peppers and TJ’s light mozzarella with pickled jalapenos.  They ended up being 3 points each because I was out of Pam and used coconut oil to crisp them up.  When you make crispy tacos with corn tortillas, the secret to getting them crispy is to cook them low and slow.  It takes about 10-12 minutes for me, flipping a couple of times, over medium low heat.

I went to Mariano’s in Crystal Lake yesterday.  It was so busy you’d think no one had been to a grocery store before.  I lucked out on a great parking spot and a register opened up when I was ready to check out.  This will definitely be my go to store.  Check out their meat counter!

I only had 9 things on my grocery list, but somehow I spent $61 – but I did pick up stuff for Hannah and Jacob for their lunches this week, so that’s not too bad.  I saved just over $16 with the Mariano’s card.

We grilled out last night – I did grilled chicken leg quarters for dinner last night and for chicken to have chicken tacos later in the week.  I also meal prepped this Greek chicken and zucchini for a couple lunches this week.  I made babaganoush (not sure how to spell that!) to make Greek chicken bowls – that recipe will be posted later this week.  The cheddar brats were for Hannah and Jacob for their lunches this week.

I got a lot of comments on these flexible skewers – I got them at William-Sonoma several years ago, and it looks like they don’t sell them anymore, but I found them online here – much less than what I paid for them, but I love the fact that you can thread the meat and veggies easily and they are easy to move around the grill.

The dogs love being outside – laying in the sun is one of their favorite things and Roman is obsessed with his frisbee.  

Rummy is more of a diva – she likes to be under the gazebos canopy – this photo kills me.

Here are Hannah and Jacob leaving for work this morning together – love.  I told them to make good choices šŸ˜€

Happy Monday!  I know I am going to be busy today, but it will make the day go by fast.  I have my breakfast and lunch packed and will avoid any and all office temptations.  

You need to work the plan for the plan to work – make it a great day!