Friday’s lunch with my sister is worth mentioning.  Since I don’t blog on Saturday’s, and if you don’t follow me on Instagram or WW Connect, you would have seen that my sister and I have decided to make our #foodfunfriday healthy!  It used to be big ass burgers, eat all the fries, maybe even split a dessert, but with SO many options in the loop, we know we can always find a healthy alternative.

It was starting to snow a bit, it was still cold, so we decided to meet at Latinicity.  It’s on the Third Floor of Block 37.  What did we decide to get?  Grilled chicken (0), grilled asparagus (0), we split a side of black beans and rice (3), and split a small side basket of chips and guacamole (6).  It was delicious, I didn’t feel like I was eating “diet food” and most importantly, I didn’t go back to work feeling like I needed to take a nap!

Latinicity Chicago

I have today off so it was a much slower paced weekend then I am used to.  I always feel like I have to in two days (clean, laundry, meal prep, etc.) but having today off took the pressure off if you will and I had a somewhat productive day, sprinkled in with naps, a leisurely trip to the library, READING (which I never do) and it was lovely.  I vowed to read at least one book a month, and since I already read my brothers book, I am ahead of the game.  I wonder if cookbooks count?? 

Damn Delicious Cookbook

I had what I like to call my first “true” weigh in for WW in 2018 (that wasn’t followed by a holiday) and I was thrilled with my loss last week.


And do you know what my secret was?  I followed the WW plan – that’s it.  I am pretty sure I wrote this same post last January, but it is the simple truth.  I tracked my points, even with 46 points at my sisters house I left the week with 12 weekly points and got blue dots 6/7 of the days.  Oh, and I still haven’t had any wine – #dryjanuary is going strong!

We even went out to dinner on Saturday night, our favorite local restaurant that has ALL my favorite beers on tap, has the best lasagna, and guess what I did?  I got a near zero point dinner and it was delicious!  I actually called dinner 3 points, because I am sure there is some residual oil in there somewhere, but still, no regret and I felt satisfied and not stuffed like I usually am when I leave there.


Last week I posted a picture of these cranberry orange muffins and promised to post the recipe, and well, that didn’t happen.  I made another batch over the weekend (and somehow still have a pound of fresh cranberries!) so I could take better pictures and well, have more to eat!  At only 3 points each, they can totally fit into a breakfast with an omelet, or as a mid day snack with a cheese stick.

It helped that I have a new food processor, so I was able to chop up the cranberries really well.  Other than that, you can just mix in a bowl with a fork.  The orange zest makes these muffins!


If you don’t have a microplane, I suggest getting one.  This is not an affiliate link, but its perfect for grating parmesan cheese, zesting, grating nutmet.  It’s an inexpensive kitchen tool that has lots of applications.


Baking muffins at 425 degrees helps give your muffins the nice muffin top.

cranberry orange muffins

I did a quick glaze of two tablespoons of powdered sugar mixed with 1 teaspoon fat free half and half, which technically adds .3 points to each muffin, so I am not counting those points. Open-mouthed smile

OMG, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you are missing some awesome Instastories – Hannah and I were laughing so hard – here are a couple snipets.  Following my stories really lets you see my day to day life way better than this blog could ever do. 



My brother sent me this picture last week and it makes me laugh out loud.  Not because of how I thought I looked in that ridiculous “workout” outfit, but I am confident I just finished working out and I have BOTH the fridge and freezer open at the same time deciding on what to eat.  Oh, and can I also point out where I quite possibly got my condiment whore condition from?  Check out all those condiments!  I think this is 1995?


We got about 4 inches of snow overnight, not too bad.  Hannah and I may go thrifting this afternoon as our favorite thrift store is having a 50% off sale.  We are a sucker for those sales!  Have a trip to the grocery store planned, a trip to the gym, more reading time, and basically the best Monday ever since I am not working.  I pushed my car appointment off until Saturday not knowing how much snow we would get. 

So enjoy your day!  Thanks to Laura D., and Nicole texting me if I am okay because they didn’t see a blog post yet this morning – I slept in until 8:15!

Happy Monday friends – make it a great day!